Sometimes you just need to hang in there because your blessing could be around the corner. Entrepreneur Delson Jeanvilma walked away victorious after securing a deal on “Shark Tank.”

According to a clip shared by The Messenger, the founder expressed a combination of sadness and joy about the deal because of the recent loss of his mother.

Investor Daymond John was greatly moved by the founder’s testimony and his entrepreneurial spirit, per the clip.


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Jeanvilma is the founder of Yum Crumbs, a company offering dessert topping in more than 24 flavors, the company website mentions.

Mashed reports that Jeanvilma realized over his decade-long tenure as a baker how time-consuming it was to make crumb toppings for cakes and desserts. After discussing with his peers, he recognized there was a need to bring his sweet idea to the market in 2020. Now, customers can sprinkle crumb toppings including strawberry shortcake, apple pie, red velvet, and more on their favorite treats such as ice cream, pancakes, and donuts.

The product evidently won the hearts of the judges during the taping for Season 15’s Episode 6. Jeanvilma initially asked for a $100,000 investment in exchange for a 10% ownership stake. His offer caught the interest of “Shark” judges Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran.

Ultimately, Jeanvilma landed a deal that would grant him a $100,000 investment from both judges in exchange for 20% stake in his company. The founder agreed and expressed the significance of the moment.

“My mom just passed away, and getting here is so hard. Thank you so much. You don’t understand what this is and what you guys do,” Jeanvilma said on “Shark Tank,” according to The Messenger.

He added, “Nothing stops. Your mom passes whatever. The world just keeps spinning. You gotta keep going. You gotta put your emotions to the side. You just gotta make it happen. Your employees still gotta get paid. Everything still has to keep going.That’s why I know this partnership… Barbara, my wife, said please don’t leave here without a deal with you.”