Seeing a Black woman break into the tech industry is always an accomplishment to celebrate, but what makes the win even more major is how they lift up others along with them. In the age of social media, the underrepresented group is not only sharing their experiences in their fields but also using their platforms to create a domino effect of Black talent going from sending in their resumes to signing job offer letters.

Here are 10 Black women tech influencers who are working with big names like Google, Meta, and Microsoft that are teaching the ins and outs of the industry to help bring more of the community on board.

Theresa Sue

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Theresa, who also goes by “Your fave techie,” is a technology project manager for the MLB and has used what she’s learned through her role to motivate people to join the wave. The tech career coach is dedicated to helping her social media following both prosper and strive to make six figures in the highly sought-after field. Having over 150,000 followers on TikTok often means keeping up with creating consistent content and she delivers each time by providing tips that help prove that there’s room for everybody to eat. While Theresa also dabbles in the humor side of social media, posting ways to secure the tech bag comes first.


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Rawan is a techie that’s not only living her best life but is helping to spread the wealth of knowledge for underrepresented communities. When she’s not warped in the bustle of working for Meta, she’s putting fellow Black techies on game with how to land their dream job, where to access helpful resources and tips for resume building, as well as nailing job interviews. May we also add that in addition to being a gem in the Black tech space, Rawan is a pro online traveling guide on IG. 

Maya Bello

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If you’re on the search to learn how to code, look no further than Maya with the motto that anyone can learn. The software engineer, who has worked for Intuit and Slack, has a YouTube channel that features coding tutorials for beginners to follow along with. The guidance for new coders continues on her TikTok, where she has videos on step-by-step instructions for coding, helpful resources, and her experience as a software engineer. 

Hosanna Hali

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“I help women secure the tech bag” is made crystal clear on her profile. The self-proclaimed fairy tech mother is an Azure Specialist at Microsoft and still finds the time to serve as guidance for those seeking to pursue careers in tech, especially encouraging those without either a non-technical background and/or with no degrees. The Londoner also has a YouTube channel, where she dives deep into how to get your foot in the door of tech and answers frequently asked questions from beginners. 

Cedoni Francis

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Cedoni is one of Google’s golden employees in the Big Apple. Juggling being an associate product marketing manager at the tech giant and a TikTok influencer, the 23-year-old is inspo for young Black talent that aspires to successfully balance having a 9-5 and being a content creator. Pursuing an occupation similar to Cedoni’s can be a challenging path to follow, but her transparent documentation of her life is a part of showing that being a Black woman in tech takes hard work, but that there’s also enjoyment for the taking, too.

Betty Lulseged

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Prior to her current role as a technical program manager for Microsoft, Betty worked as an engineering project manager at Apple. With an impressive resume on her hands, the tech and lifestyle content creator aims to help lead her followers to success in the industry as well. She uses her platforms to amplify tech job opportunities, free certifications, and Q&As for new techies. Along with being an influencer and global traveler, Betty is also quite the tech-focused comedian on TikTok.

Tia Lee

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Tia is putting on for people that are living the lives of simultaneously being both a techie and creative. If you’re in need of a new online home to host your content, the website designer’s got you covered. She secured her degree in computer science at Michigan State University, then started her career at Google the following year.

Kedasha Kerr

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To the software engineers out there, Kedasha is one to follow for key tips and information. Whether it be giving real insight into what it takes to be a software developer or giving a word of empowerment, the digital creator is a light on the platform. With her testimonial of switching her career course from social work to tech within the span of only 10 months, Kedasha is paying it forward for those who want to follow in her footsteps through video content, free online resources, and blog posts.

Jasmine Bortters

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Jasmine’s journey to becoming a video content project manager at Microsoft with no prior tech experience is one to marvel on. She went on to being featured in Business Insider and rightfully so due to her inspiring story of what real persistence to secure a job after college looks like. When she’s not in the grind of being a Microsoft employee, the video storyteller is dropping gems on her social media platforms with career advice for breaking into the tech industry.

Alexis Walker

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Examples of Black women in neuroscience are unfortunately scarce, but Alexis is representing them to the fullest. Her efforts for representation can also be seen in her “Day In The Life of a Black Girl In STEM” videos on TikTok. The cognitive neuroscientist’s ongoing vlog series is filled with glimpses into her workplace, studying essentials, and highly motivational captions.