In 2006, Yo Gotti released “That’s What’s Up (Intro),” and many from the rapper’s hometown of Memphis, TN, consider it a cultural anthem. The song sets up an open letter to his fans and haters, describing who he is, what he’s been through, and his current and impending impact at the time. Words in the opening lines serve as a preamble and manifest the upward trajectory of Yo Gotti’s success.

“…Tha streets been beggin’, so I had to go ‘Back 2 Da Basics.’ This the intro to my life, entry to my world.”

Although this mid-2000s track was an introduction of sorts, the song was not his entry point into the rap game. Born Mario Mims, Yo Gotti is a Memphis native who released his first musical work in 1996, titled “Youngsta’s On A Come Up,” under the alias Lil Yo.

And a come-up was precisely what he’d experienced. Throughout his multi-decade career, Yo Gotti would release popular songs like “Rake It Up,” “I Know,” “Law,” and “Down in the DM” — working with top artists such as Nick Minaj, Moneybagg Yo, Chris Brown, and Lil Baby.

His commercial success is a way of life for the rapper and entrepreneur. However, it served as a way to escape from the reality of his childhood. According to a Forbes report, Yo Gotti witnessed his mother and aunts sell drugs to pay bills.

“They put the value of having nice things in my mind because they had them,” Yo Gotti told Forbes about his family.

While the illegal activity led to a lavish lifestyle for young Mims, the success was fleeting.

“I saw it all get taken away — all the money,” he said.

From a young age, this perspective seemingly prompted the Memphis rapper to be more conscious about his career and the sustainability of wealth. With advice from colleagues and mentors including rap legend Jay Z, Yo Gotti has cemented himself as one of the top earners in the rap game.

“His business acumen is evident in every move he makes, breaking the mold of the old-guard definition of an executive,” Jay-Z told Forbes about Yo Gotti’s work ethic.

This work ethic has manifested itself through Yo Gotti’s enrollment as a business student at the University of California Los Angeles and earning a net worth of $100 million.

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Considering Yo Gotti’s family history and his current success, he is focused on building generational wealth. With investors paying top dollar for artists’ catalogs, Yo Gotti would want such an investment in his work to make sense for his long-term goals.

“It’s not that cut and dried,” he explained to Forbes. “I’m beyond transactional thinking. I’m thinking of real generational wealth. How will we have this money forever, like [the Walton family of] Walmart?”

Maximizing his wealth for generations goes beyond his talent behind the mic. In 2012, the 42-year-old launched a record label, Collective Music Group (originally called Cocaine Muzik Group), featuring several artists from his hometown, including Moneybagg Yo, Glorilla, and Blac Youngsta.

The “Rake It Up” rapper has diversified his portfolio beyond music. He owns Prive — a contemporary soul food restaurant near the Hickory Hill neighborhood of Memphis. Billboard reports that he also has investments in gaming, real estate, and cryptocurrency, and is part owner of the D.C. United soccer club.

In terms of what’s next for Yo Gotti, he’s patiently and intentionally working on ventures to develop what it means to expand his already massive fortune.

“It’s in the process,” Yo Gotti told Forbes. “I’m planting the seeds. A lot of people don’t have patience — they want it all tomorrow. So, they can’t execute a real plan. What I do know, we’re coming out on top.”