We love a trip down memory lane when it comes to some of the culture’s hottest bops.

In this case, one of Jennifer Lopez’s biggest hits turned out to be an even bigger payout for one vocalist.

The Song

The track “Get Right,” which was released by the Bronx native on Jan. 3, 2005, went on to become a classic. It was even dubbed one of her most memorable songs by The New York Times. Additionally, the song came in at No. 17 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Like any story of success, there’s always someone in the background who helped make things happen.

The Vocalist

For “Get Right,” that person was Y’Anna Crawley — who claims she sang the background on the track.

“That’s me,” Crawley told Terrell Grice during an appearance on “The Terrell Show.” “I’m doing all of her backgrounds on that song.”

The Big Bucks

To take it up a notch, the singer also says the task laced her pockets.

“That was my first big check,” Crawley recalled. “When I got that check in the mail, I was like ‘Oh, this is what you get for singing background?'”

She also disclosed that the first purchase she made with the newly acquired funds included a new jewelry piece.

“I brought my first big diamond with that check, like a diamond ring,” Crawley shared with Grice.

More About "Get Right"

The song was featured on Lopez’s 2005 album, “Rebirth” and in a previous interview, she told The New York Times that the inspiration for the track stemmed from her revisiting the catalog of legendary soul singer James Brown.

Not only does he have a credit on the track, but other writers include Rich Harrison and Usher Raymond.

“Those heavy drums and heavy horns, I’ve noticed that even in salsa, that’s what moves me,” Lopez told the outlet. “Those base lines, those certain things that just drive you crazy when you hear music, is what I wanted to incorporate.”