For its latest initiative, Warner Music Group (WMG) is working to get more people of color into the door of the music industry.

Billboard reports that the music company has partnered with Culture Creators for its 2023 HBCU Immersion Program, which teaches students about what it takes to have a career in the business.

HBCU Immersion Program

Now, following its inaugural run in April, the program is continuing to provide HBCU students with access to knowledge revolving around the industry such as A&R, marketing, data science, business development, and administration & licensing.

“As a proud HBCU alum, I am thrilled about the creation of WMG’s HBCU Immersion Program,” said Dr. Maurice Stinnett, WMG’s global head of diversity, equity and inclusion in a statement, per Billboard. “HBCU’s are full of talent, brilliance, and creativity — everything we need in the next generation of leaders in the music industry. I’m so proud to offer this training opportunity in partnership with Culture Creators, which I know will further strengthen the leadership, skills and innovation of these amazing students.”

Once the program’s six-week session commences, students can then apply for a paid position within WMG’s Summer Emerging Talent Associate Program. In addition, housing subsidies are provided for interns relocating to New York City, Los Angeles, or Nashville.

Requirements To Apply

Interested applicants for the 2023 WMG HBCU Immersion Program must be a college junior, senior or graduate student currently enrolled in an accredited HBCU, and commit to three hours per week during the six-week program.

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