You never know just how much impact documenting your journey could have on others.

For Will Lucas, the phrase, “a life worth living is worth recording,” is one to live by as he believes that when you put in the work to share your own personal experiences, it can be valuable not only to yourself but a host of others that seek encouragement to keep going.

“What too many of us think erroneously is that success is a destination, like one day you’re going to wake up and suddenly be successful,” said Lucas during the latest episode of AfroTech’s Black Tech Green Money podcast. “So, if you wake up, you’re getting after it, every day you are successful. Every week, you squirrel away a hundred dollars to buy your first piece of real estate, you are successful every one of those weeks.”

While goal setting can be both rewarding and tedious, Lucas breaks down why keeping a real track record of all of your wins, both big and small, can be rewarding in the long run.

Keeping Up With Progress

One way that Lucas compares keeping up with your own individual progress is the way in which he documents the way that his children are growing up.

“I have young kids and for the most part, unless I’m traveling, I see my kids every day and since we live in the day of the ever-present cell phones, I have a lot of videos and photos of them since the day they were born,” Lucas shared. “The reason why I bring up how often I see them which, again, is like every day, unless I’m on the road, is because being so close to the situation, being so close to them can make me confused about how much and how fast they’re growing.”

Time Moves Faster Than You Think

He further explains how looking back at the footage he has of them actually gives him more insight into their growth that he might miss by seeing them every day. Something he notes is that it’s much like one might be when they are constantly making moves for a business — it can be hard to track growth that isn’t always as visible.

“It’s really only when I’m out of town for a few days or when I look back at the footage of them where I can actually see how much they’ve grown in so little time and the same goes for you and your journey toward your business success,” he continued. “You can be so close to the daily operation, the struggles, the heartache that goes along with entrepreneurship and running a business that you don’t even see how far you’ve come and this is natural. When you’re doing the thing, you don’t realize the problems that you’re dealing with today, you prayed for, worked for a year ago, five years ago, and so on.”

Listen to the full Black Tech Green Money episode below: