What does it truly mean to be successful?

As host, Will Lucas usually spotlights Black founders and entrepreneurs shaking things up within their respective industries. However, on this week’s episode of AfroTech’s Black Tech Green Money podcast, he’s giving us the game on what it takes to achieve the heights of success that you’ve always imagined.

“If I’m telling you my story, it’s not because my story is so great, it’s because I’m hoping that there’s something in my story that you can take and use for yourself in order to find your success,” he shared in the episode. “The first story is about how I found at least the first few steps into the career that I’m in today.”

Those stories include working jobs that you know weren’t meant for you, holding space for your higher self to reach the dreams you know are possible and lastly connecting all the dots to figure out the divine plan for your life.

Humble Beginnings

Since his early childhood in Toledo, OH, Lucas has dreamt of being in the music business, however, as a product of the Midwest, it wasn’t something that he saw reflected in his day-to-day life.

“I’m from Toledo, Ohio, not known for a lot of things other than maybe a top-rated minor league baseball team,” said Lucas. “It’s a Midwestern, middle class, blue-collar sort of city, but still I wanted to be in the music business. So, being the ambitious kid that I was [and still am today], I began to ask myself, ‘how can I find my way to the music business in Toledo?’”

From there, Lucas would find himself at a teen summit held by a local radio station at a library in his hometown.

“I don’t remember a lot of details about my childhood and youth, but I can almost tell you verbatim what I was wearing that day because it’s a point in my life that was super critical to what I’m doing today.”

At that moment, Lucas found and introduced himself to the program director of the only Hip-Hop and R&B station in town. And the rest is what one would say is history.

Living The Dream

Lucas has always been a big dreamer, but he has the hustle to match. 

“I’m living a dream today,” he explained. “I’m living a dream that I didn’t know I had, but it’s a better dream than the one I thought I had.”

Listen to Will Lucas’ full journey to success plus his advice during the latest episode of Black Tech Green Money below: