For the past three years, the labor market has been drastically changing.

According to Crunchbase News, over 151,054 workers at tech companies in the U.S. have been laid off in 2023 so far.

In the midst of the mass layoffs, AfroTech is playing its role in supporting the community.

As previously reported, AfroTech’s first-ever SaaS platform, Talent Infusion, launched in April 2023. Talent Infusion features tools such as AfroTech’s Resume Book that gives direct access to a growing group of diverse talent.

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Additionally, President Joe Biden has also been taking action to support Americans who are on the hunt for a new job.

Back in May 2023, Biden shared in a statement that 339,000 jobs were created in that month alone.

“We have now created over 13 million jobs since I took office,” Biden stated. “That is more jobs in 28 months than any President has created in an entire 4-year term.”

The new jobs scaled across manufacturing, leisure and hospitality, professional and business services, private education, and health services.

One of Biden’s main goals is to invest in infrastructure, innovation, and manufacturing so people across communities can secure high-paying jobs that don’t require a college degree.

“This is really important because many people go to college, to training programs, etc., so that they can get a good job that they can raise a family on,” Chief Economist of the U.S. Department of Labor Joelle Gamble told AfroTech. “So often folks will have paths that lead them to debt and the President is determined to make sure that there are lots of different pathways to the middle class including ones that don’t require a college degree. He’s focused on investing in manufacturing jobs in particular, but [also] a lot of different career pathways.”

“And he’s also focused on creating opportunities to get training for these kinds of jobs without having to take a financial hit,” she added. “So, for example, investments and apprenticeships are one way to do that, where you get to train for a job while getting paid for learning how to do that job.”

To ensure that his economic plan continues to make an impact, Biden signed a bipartisan bill to protect the country’s economic recovery.

“It’s important because the deal that he negotiated protects the programs that are so important to working families from Medicare and Medicaid to social security,” Gamble explained. “And it doesn’t actually drag down the growth that we’ve seen over the last few months in the economy, which is also important.”

The legislation suspends the debt limit until 2025 and restricts government spending, per PBS. In addition, it provides lawmakers with budget targets to work toward the goal of fiscal stability.

Gamble added, “This is a budget deal that protects critical programs that avoids the economic catastrophe that might have happened if we did not raise the debt limit, which the deal also does. And it makes sure that we can continue to promote longer-term economic growth and the economy doesn’t get in the way of that.”