Have you considered whether or not you would choose between a multi-million dollar payout or a few rounds of your favorite video game? Yeah, neither have we.

Compton native rapper The Game admitted during an interview with Complex that he once turned a $7 million tour so that he could level up in NBA 2K.

The Video Game Of A Lifetime

Born Jayceon Terrell Taylor, the California rapper sat with Speedy Norman to discuss life, his influences, career choices, and the release of his upcoming album – “Drillmatic.”

During the conversation, the two discussed a possible one-on-one basketball game with Canadian superstar Drake. After confidently answering that Drake would not be able to score a single basket on him, the conversation shifted, but basketball remained at the center.

Transitioning from the topi, Norman mentioned a time when Snoop Dogg turned down a financial opportunity for personal reasons. He then asked The Game, “What’s the biggest check you ever turned down?” The Game had a shocking response.

“I turned down like a $6 -$7 million tour because I was trying to hit legend on 2K.”

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A Matter of Happiness And True Worth

The Game chose happiness instead of going on tour and getting a major bag.

“It’s all about what makes you happy. I didn’t feel like going on tour at that time. I wasn’t even emotionally there,” the rapper explained.

Although The Game turned down the opportunity to earn the seven-figure payout, he is still financially stable and has more than what the world gives him credit for.

When asked whether or not his net worth was accurately displayed online, The Game suggests the $10 million estimation is too low.

“That’s inaccurate. I got like a $2 million shoe collection, and I live in a $5 million home. And that’s just that alone,” The Game explained.

After explaining and listing more of his assets, The Game doubled that he is worth more than $10 million. In fact, he referenced a time when he took a screenshot of a single account with $13 million in it. Although, he no longer has the coin based on his belief that money is meant to be spent and not necessarily saved.

Will The Game Be Rap's Next Billionaire?

Along with setting the record straight about his financial picture, The Game also noted that his financial status could be more prominent, but it was his choice not to obtain it.

With an early dream of being a Home Depot Franchise owner, the Game asserts that had he stuck with that plan, he would likely be the first Black CEO of the home-improvement company. Moreover, the only reason he isn’t a billionaire is his choice not to become one.

“The only reason I’m not a billionaire now is because I just don’t want to be. If I woke up tomorrow and wanted to be a billionaire, I would go put the work in, and I’ll be a billionaire,” The Game asserted.

He makes it all sound so simple.