In the ever-evolving landscape of technology and media, Warner Bros Discovery (WBD) stands as a powerhouse – not just in terms of its vast portfolio, but also in its commitment to innovation and inclusion. On the heels of its 100-year anniversary, the company remains committed to its mission of amplifying the voices of global storytellers to reflect audiences around the world, promoting diversity, removing barriers and creating space for all to share ideas and be heard.

As the Senior Vice President of Applied Data Science and Machine Learning, Haile Owusu has witnessed first-hand the organization’s transformative journey. Across his five years, WBD has drawn the brightest minds and fostered an environment of creativity, diversity and limitless opportunities.

A Legacy of Reinvention

WBD’s scale is unparalleled, boasting 95 million direct-to-consumer subscribers globally. This scale gives the company even more reason to be innovative while addressing complex tech issues and solving them in groundbreaking ways. According to Owusu, A-level, high performers are drawn to WBD “because it challenges their skills and pushes the boundaries of what is possible.”

“WBD is not just a company,” Owusu says. “It’s a legacy undergoing constant reinvention. With more than 65 brands and a unique organizational structure, it offers a blend of opportunities rarely found elsewhere. It provides the growth potential of a start-up, the intimate feel of a close-knit community, and the support of a globally renowned organization.”

Despite its longstanding content heritage, WBD is a young tech organization, Owusu asserts, offering a level of freedom that is truly distinctive.

“Looking for truly curious, high-level problem solvers to join this adventure is, even with this considerable lure, ultimately an intense search,” Owusu says. “Our tech talent aren’t merely following a legacy. They are crafting a new one from scratch. The freedom to innovate and build, coupled with the support of an established brand makes WBD an attractive destination for those seeking to shape the future of technology.”

A Place for Black Tech Talent

Owusu makes it clear that WBD is committed to building a culture that inherently values Black talent.

“There are several initiatives we have that champion inclusion internally,” Owusu says, “ranging from the content we create to the talent we hire, and our partnership investments. One initiative we’re particularly excited about is WBD Access, which through best-in-class talent development programs, mentorship, placement opportunities and industry exposure, serves as a powerful conduit connecting underrepresented talent to our content and brands. WBD Access offers opportunities for underrepresented talent across production, post-productions, games, animation, news, sports and more.”

Championing Inclusion: A Guiding Principle

“Champion Inclusion” is not just a phrase at WBD. It’s a guiding principle embedded in both work and culture, something of which Owusu is proud of. While it’s true that the company has the most differentiated and complete portfolio across television, film, sports, news, streaming, and gaming, it is also known for being an inclusive place to work.

“From an organization perspective, we recognize that meaningful representation does not happen overnight,” Owusu continues. “It requires long-term investments of both time and resources. One of the things we’re working on is building a culture that inherently values inclusion. As we grow talent internally and hire talent externally, we’re ensuring that, at all levels, inclusion is a core value of the people we’re developing and is within the processes themselves.”

WBD’s commitment to diversity is also reflected in its different employee resource groups that are focused on building community, driving authentic inclusion and engaging employee members globally. Those groups, which include programming, learning, and development resources, celebrate differences at every level of the organization.

Charting the Next 100 Years: A Monumental Task

While on this transformative journey, WBD leadership team is dedicated to charting the next 100 years, Owusu says.

“It is a monumental task for which my small role is identifying opportunities to radically rewrite the cost basis for running our business. Charting a pathway for those artists and craftspeople to spend more of their expertise on the truly critical creative decisions is our primary contribution to this effort.”

“[Warner Bros Discovery] is not just a workplace. It’s a community of forward-thinkers, innovators, and inclusive minds,” Owusu says. “Together we can chart the next 100 years and redefine what is possible in the world of technology and media.”

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