The life of Wallace Peeples, also known as Wallo267, is a testimony of defying the odds. 

After serving a 20-year prison sentence, the Philadelphia, PA, native has been actively transparent about his journey. Wallo267 has become known for his unshakeable honesty and for being an avid advocate for those affected by the criminal justice system. His passion for amplifying such issues brought him to his new C-suite role.

In February 2024, Reform Alliance announced that Wallo267 would lead its marketing department as chief marketing officer (CMO).

Wallo267 shares with AFROTECH™ that the appointment happened organically after Reform Alliance co-founder and billionaire Michael Rubin recognized his marketing acumen.

“Rubin was interested in me, seeing I just always have been a natural, organic guerrilla marketer out here — no budget marketing. I’ve always done it,” Wallo267 told AFROTECH™ in an interview. “And, he went to Meek [Mill] about it. Meek always spoke highly about me. He went to Jay-Z, and they said it was a good idea. Then, here we go.”

As Reform’s CMO, Wallo267 will play a significant role in the development of the nonprofit’s long-term marketing strategy, activations, and brand innovation, as well as in expanding Reform’s Gen Z Council, per a press release shared with AFROTECH™. The overall mission is to use the power of his storytelling to inform the masses about how they can join Reform’s movement of changing laws and systems.

What’s more, the marketing executive hopes to provide system-impacted communities with new resources and programs as well as support more people in exiting the system and successfully reentering society. This prevalent issue hits home for him, given his own experience in the system and the fact that he’s still on parole until 2048.

Under his appointment, Wallo267 expresses that he wants to amplify more job fairs, as getting a reasonable job is “one of the hardest things” to do with reentry. In addition, he aims to help formerly incarcerated individuals have access to support programs such as drug counseling and therapy.

While Wallo267’s C-suite role is new territory, he says it still aligns with his everyday life and natural talent.

“I introduce people to people,” he said. “I introduce people to information. So, that’s what marketing is about. To me, it’s about a feeling. It’s about a smell. It’s about energy, and that’s what I’m trying to get out there with REFORM.”

Wallo267 is about spreading information in an authentic way, especially putting people “on game” with his popular podcast, “Million Dollaz Worth of Game.”

Along with the Reform and “Million Dollaz Worth of Game” ventures, Wallo267 is a cultural, marketing, and community advisor at YouTube. For YouTube Avenues, he shares that there will be a new season of going to inner cities in the U.S. to educate more people about monetizing on YouTube and building their platform.

In the podcast’s early stages, he and rapper Gillie Da King, Wallo267’s co-host and cousin, handled most of its operations. However, “Million Dollaz Worth of Game” has since blown up and transformed into a multi-million-dollar podcast. As previously shared by AFROTECH™, the family business duo first signed with Barstool Sports, a sports and culture website, in 2020 for a reported $3 million. By 2022, the contract was extended, as shown in Wallo267 and Gillie Da King’s viral Instagram post.


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When asked about challenges with building “Million Dollaz Worth of Game” from the ground up, the podcaster is open about not having a lot.

“Sometimes it’s challenges of finding good people, but just when it comes to doing our thing, there wasn’t no real big hurdles because it was just like, we just trying,” Wallo267 admitted. “We doing this sh-t for the first time — we don’t know what’s going on.”

He continued, “I think that’s when you’re at your greatest point, and then, now, it’s just even more sweet. It’s so easy for us.”

Running a lucrative business comes with brand deals and partnerships, and Wallo267 credits his team of Black and brown women for being able to navigate contracts.

“I got a strong team because my team is women… strong Black and Latina women that go hard,” Wallo267 said. “Two women attorneys. My manager is a woman. I think team is really important.”

He concluded, “You could only do so much by yourself, but not for so long. You got to fortify yourself or put an army around you and people that can take you to the next level. And that’s what I’ve done.”

In addition, the motivational personality reveals to AFROTECH™ that he has an upcoming book release this year.