Bridging the digital divide amongst underserved communities is essential to giving everyone in the nation equal access to critical communications networks.

According to Verizon’s latest initiative, the telecommunications company has created a way to make reliable, high-speed internet more accessible to those in underserved communities who meet financial assistance requirements through Verizon Fios Forward.

A news release shares the Fios Forward program was first offered to new customers back in April 2020, and generates much faster and more equipped internet services, unlike traditional home Internet assistance programs. It also offers eligible customers a discounted rate for faster internet service.

The goal of the program is to rid customers of unreliable internet providers who limit their access to quality home internet, which often lacks speed and the capacity to handle more than one user’s demands.

This has become an increased issue over the last year due to many citizens working from home and students participating in at-home learning.

As we enter a much more dependent digital phase, reliable internet is required to sustain livelihoods from the comfort of people’s homes.

“Our guiding principle is that we create the networks that move the world forward. Far too many families will be left behind if their home Internet can’t keep pace with today’s demands for learning and work,” said Frank Boulben, SVP-Consumer Marketing & Product at Verizon, in a statement. “We know the impact connectivity has on advancement, so we’re extending Fios Forward to support digital inclusion and help create opportunity with affordable access to high-performing broadband Internet.”

Boulben continued with his sentiment stating broadband internet connections don’t solely define how citizens can be a part of an inclusive digital future, but access to quality connections determines who is able to keep up with our ever-evolving world.

In creating this effort, Verizon has committed to redefining what digital inclusivity means for society, supporting digital inclusion initiatives, and providing people with the skills and resources they need to thrive in this digital age.

According to the company, its latest efforts build upon Citizen Verizon — the business plan responsible for economic, environmental, and social advancement — which strives to help under-resourced communities close the digital divide for more than 38 million students across 40 states and the District of Columbia.

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