Usain Bolt has filed to trademark his signature victory pose, once again.

The Victory Pose

Previously, Bolt had received a trademark registration for the logo over ten years ago. However, it was canceled in 2017 because Bolt failed to file proof that the trademark was being used to sell goods in the United States.

“This is not Usain Bolt’s first application for his victory pose,” Josh Gerben told The Washington Post in an email. “He had obtained a trademark registration for the logo back in 2009 for a variety of products, but that registration was canceled in 2017 because Bolt did not file proof he was actually using the trademark to sell goods in the United States (which is a requirement to maintain a federal trademark registration).”

The Business Of Bolt

Now, Bolt is filing for the trademark once again. Based on the filing, it will be used for sunglasses, jewelry, bags, clothing, sporting goods, and restaurants and sports bars. Gerben states the application is “a renewed effort by Bolt to protect his image and likeness here in the United States” as Bolt aims to turn his attention “more on business ventures in retirement.”

“While it has been a while since Bolt retired, it is possible he is starting to look more closely at business opportunities,” Gerben said, according to The Washington Post. “Ensuring that his famous ‘victory pose’ is protected with a federal trademark registration would be an important step to unlocking value in Bolt’s brand.”