Daniel Moses’s story of going from an Uber driver to a millionaire is nothing short of inspirational.

The Nigeria native told his story to the British newspaper, The Guardian. He explained that he’d lost more than 150,000 GBP (more than $200,000 USD) in his transportation business, so he had to re-adjust and rethink his strategy.

“My search for a better life started in 2004 when I first visited the UK for the first time. In 2015 I lost well over £150,000 in my Nigerian transportation business which caused me to go through anxiety and depression,” he told the outlet.

To make ends meet, he first became a delivery driver, then moved on to become an Uber driver.

He drove for Uber until he happened to find some information about property investments. He began implementing the strategies he’d learned, and within five years, he’d become a millionaire.

“Sixteen months after, I got into property investing, and through the use of various property investment strategies, I have successfully built a 7-figure property business within the last five years and created a new profession for myself,” he told The Guardian.

He then teamed up with Kevin Kludje to start Property Wealth Education, so he can pass on his knowledge to other aspiring millionaires.

And, he says, most of the people who come to him are Black and other POC.

“My vision is to build people and continually create opportunities by creating hundreds of successful property investors,” he said to the outlet. “Over the course of approximately two years, I have helped over 150 people get started in property. Throughout my journey, Property Wealth Education has experienced rapid growth and have found that most of its audience tends to be from Black, Asian, and minority ethnic (“BAME”) backgrounds.”

What is the average salary for an Uber driver?

What makes Daniel Moses’s story of “Uber driver to millionaire” so impressive is not only how he did it, but knowing what it takes to actually do it against all odds.

Comparably reports that the average Uber driver in the United States makes a salary of about $42,257/year. Uber drivers are more likely to make a larger salary in a bigger city (in fact, Los Angeles Uber drivers make more than Uber drivers in any other city, according to Comparably) than in a smaller town.

In the United Kingdom, however, Uber drivers like Daniel Moses fare a little bit better. UKTalent reports that the average Uber driver who works in a large city like London can take home about £36,438/year (or just a hair under $50,000 USD). The more experienced drivers can make £253,240/year (or more than $300,000 USD).