Black-owned businesses have had a trying time this year and many are looking to rebuild in the midst of the global pandemic.

In an effort to help those who need assistance getting more eyes on their brands, marketing expert Tyshan Edwards — founder and CEO of brand and marketing agency 24Media — has vowed to focus on global expansion for Black businesses.

According to Black Business, Edwards — who has 17 years of branding experience — has just relaunched his company as 24 Brandhouse.

24 Brandhouse’s new rebrand comes with a renewed goal to grow its client portfolio into a global marketplace and focus on helping Black entrepreneurs elevate their businesses into worldwide brands over the next three years.

24Media — originally founded in 2006 by Edwards and his cousin Jermol Edwards — saw a major lack of brand identity and digital savviness for local businesses in their community. They then set out to help these struggling businesses thrive.

“24 Brandhouse was launched to help brands, especially those in Black communities, really distinguish themselves from a crowded marketplace,” Tyshan said to Black Business. “My team and I are personally invested in building successful brands with strong foundations which will allow businesses to achieve a healthy stream of income from both new and returning customers.”

24 Brandhouse offers personal one-on-one services for small and medium-sized businesses in three key areas: Brand Identity, Website Creation, and Social Media Management.

By leveraging their skill sets, both cousins have been able to utilize their agency to create distinguished brand identities through attractive visuals and engaging digital plans.

The newly rebranded 24 Brandhouse is on a mission expand its own global footprint and transform Black-owned businesses into household names to get the local, national, and soon global recognition they deserve.

For more information about Edwards’ branding agency, visit its website.