Supreme announced a new creative director to oversee and lead its innovative vision for streetwear fashion in the right direction.

The clothing brand has appointed Tremaine Emory — the founder of Denim Tears — for the role, in what Business of Fashion is calling its “first major creative appointment since it was acquired by VF Corp for $2.1 billion in late 2020.”

Under his position, Emory will work with Supreme founder James Jebbia and the duo, as well as the design team, to keep streetwear front and center of the brand.

“It’s a good move for Supreme,” Supreme collector and Jebbiah’s close friend Ross Wilson told British GQ. “When VF acquired the brand both parties promised the basic infrastructure, core team, and method of working would remain the same, so it’s good to see James sticking to his guns and bringing on board a close friend of the brand who gets it, rather than a corporate hire who doesn’t.”

He continued: “Everything James Jebbia does is so carefully considered and this appointment is no different. It’s an extremely exciting chapter for Supreme and this can only be a positive move – Tremaine will definitely bring something new and thoughtful to the brand that we haven’t seen yet.”

While breathing new life into Supreme, Emory will also continue to design for his brand.

Tremaine Emory's Work

Emory’s Denim Tears launched in 2019 and its since been co-signed by celebrities such as Kanye West and Lil Uzi.

Along with creating his own brand, the designer has worked under Marc Jacobs and collaborated with brands including Off-White, New Balance, Levi’s, and Ugg.

According to an interview with The Face, he describes his work as “a storytelling art project” that uses clothing to bridge stories together.

In September 2021, his capsule collection “Empire Windrush Nineteen Forty Eight” — which was unveiled at London Fashion Week — was released to serve as a statement of pride for the African diaspora in London.