Tia Mowry is using her own experience to combat disparities in the wellness industry.

After suffering from inflammatory pain, Mowry began to seek the guidance of her doctor. However, after being passed from physician to physician, she still had no answers, reports Forbes. 

Ultimately, she was diagnosed with endometritis by a doctor who also happened to be a Black woman.

“She pointed me in the right direction,” said Mowry in an interview with Forbes. “She was one of the main reasons [I started] my wellness journey.”

Now, Mowry is motivated to help other Black women, a group that she believes is often left out of health conversations.

“I wanted to inspire them to do the same thing; to take charge of their health and wellness,” she continued.

Mowry launched her supplement and vitamin brand Anser in January 2020 with three products: a beauty vitamin, a prenatal vitamin, and a women’s multivitamin.


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Now, her business has more than 20 products and has expanded into a line specifically for men and children.

Business is booming with a return customer rate of 45% and it’s well on its way to triple revenue brought in last year.

The wellness movement is currently being led mostly by a wave of Black women seeking greater accessibility and representation in the $4.5 trillion industry.

For Mowry, it’s all about using her platform to promote change.

“People know me, they’re very familiar with me, they grew up with me, that’s been beneficial,” said the actress. “As a Black woman, [I’m saying], ‘I hear you, I understand you, I went through and I am going through the same thing.’ And I am willing to put in my time and effort to change this narrative.”

Her goal is for Anser to be a community along with being a product line.

In addition to spotlighting chiropractors, herbalists, and other women of color in wellness on her company’s blog, Mowry is also amplifying Black-owned businesses which include coffee company BLK & Bold and hair and skin brand OBIA Naturals.

“It’s a false dichotomy to suggest that targeting and appealing to Black people somehow detracts from ‘universal’ appeal and credibility of the Anser brand,” continued Mowry. “For generations, Black communities have been sidelined by the health and wellness industries, and openly telling Black people and BIPOC that they deserve to be healthy should appeal to all people in 2021.”

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