Last fall, Levi’s launched a Commuter Trucker Jacket in collaboration with Google that promised to help people screen phone calls, play and control music and get directions on their commute with easy-to-use physical commands. This week the jacket, which uses software called Jacquard, got a platform update that will bring even more functions to users. Jacquard will now be able to save your location, give you an alert when your Uber has arrived, and it uses Bose’s Aware mode technology to keep listeners aware of ambient sounds that may lead to their safety, even while listening to their own audio sources.

Through a mobile app, users can now connect their ride-sharing service of preference, either Uber or Lyft. Once set up, you’ll get alerts when your ride is three minutes away and when it arrives.

Check out the jacket in action below — and what other functions would you love to see in wearable tech like this denim jacket?