Jacksonville native Cameron Frazier has always dreamed of opening a school that he says is “for us and by us.” In the fall, his dream will finally come true.

The K-5 Becoming Collegiate Academy (BCA) founded by Frazier will open in Jacksonville’s Norwood neighborhood, according to News4Jax.

“It’ll be an option for all families to know that their kids are going to receive an education in which they see they’re reflected in,” said Frazier in an interview. “Every county in the United States needs this. Black kids specifically are missing out on a cultural experience in some places. And we are receiving an education that we’re not reflected in. And I believe that every child deserves that.”

In the 2018-2019 school year, 904Ward — a group aiming to cultivate a more inclusive Jacksonville — found that only only 37 percent of Black or African American students earned enough points on English state assessments to pass.

Studies also reveal that the majority of third-graders were reading below grade level.

“The kids definitely need a positive and progressive school to go to and if it’s Black-owned on top of that we support that also,” said parent Mario McKinney during the interview.

Frazier says that Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) will be the theme of BCA and that this will help students connect deeper to their roots.

“I believe that’s the missing piece missing the schools,” Frazier said.

For him, it’s all about reflecting the same warmth that comes from attending an HBCU, while also celebrating our own history.

“It does seem like this side lacks in resources a little bit,” continued McKinney. “This neighborhood definitely needs revitalization as far as school is a concern. A lot of concerns I think a lot of parents have is the schooling.”

Although this is a charter school, Frazier says BCA will be a school for the community where the students today will one day change their communities for the better.

Over 100 kindergarten students have already enrolled in BCA for the fall.

The location of the school has not been released as of yet. Click here for more information.