Code Fellows — an organization on a mission to help minorities find careers in coding — has partnered with Memphis-based CodeCrew School to help underrepresented minorities obtain skills in cybersecurity, ops, and software development.

People of all skill levels and backgrounds will be able to receive industry-relevant vocational training to gain meaningful and financially rewarding employment which in turn will strengthen the local economy in Memphis.

“As part of the CodeCrew Code School mission, we seek to increase diversity in the tech ecosystem,” said Eric Johnson, CodeCrew Code School Program Director. “The Code Fellows and CodeCrew partnership will allow us to provide a flexible coding curriculum and increase course offerings to our community. This will give more individuals exposure and knowledge to be confident we have the skills to gain employment in the tech industry.”

Mentors and those underrepresented in tech are encouraged and educated by CodeCrew to be tech innovators and leaders through hands-on, practical computer science training. 

They’re taking things to a new level by helping adult learners find rewarding new careers in tech through working with K-12 students, school teachers, and districts in the Mid-South. Their aim is to ensure they are helping to fuel the desire to learn tech skills at an early age.

Recent efforts include those around advocacy and policy which helps to ensure all of the students in Tennessee have a chance to succeed.

Code Fellows has had a technical curriculum in the works since 2013. However, they’re always adapting, building and refining it to keep up with the demands of the industry so that graduates are ready for the rigorous expectations of a career in tech.

With Powered by Code Fellows, partner schools will have an identical industry-leading curriculum, plus operational support, and instructional training, according to a press release. This will further help graduates meet the demands of employers in the industry.