These African and African American entrepreneurs are giving back the best way they know-how.

Kofi Anku, shareholder and board member, is a mission to give back to his community through Ayi Mensah Park, a vibrant 200-unit townhouse community tucked right at the foot of the Aburi Hills in Accra, Ghana.

When asked “Why Ghana?” Anku told SHOPPE BLACK that the decision was obvious. Although he was born in Ohio — to Ghanaian parents — it was imperative for him to connect the two worlds.

Anku says he and his family’s vision to collaborate is what excites him the most about this project. He reveals they invested in real estate as a family back in the 90s and “were looking to connect with partners who would help them establish their vision.” He hones in on how the CEO and founder of BlackIvy, Cheryl Mills, did just that.

Connecting the African diaspora is what Anku says is one of the most important missions of the community that he and his team continue to strive toward building in Ghana.

“When I look at the landscape, the opportunities that we have here in Ghana and the kind of resources that Black Americans specifically have access to,” Anku continues, “the power of that collaboration is extraordinary.”

He stresses the importance of utilizing the resources that Black Americans currently have access to and using it to collaborate with Africans who he shares have a “gateway into a market with a billion people,” according to SHOPPE BLACK.

Ayi Mensah Park has a mission to help people love where they live. Under the development of IndigoHomes, a division of BlackIvy, this community is all about providing lively, secure, moderately-priced communities that expand the housing options in Greater Accra.

Not only does Anku speak highly of collaboration among Black businesses and opportunities in Ghana, but he shared that a lot of the work he is doing to build such a community in Ghana is due to the vision that Malcolm X had for Black Americans and African unity.

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