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What's Next For Verizon In 2024 Following Their Recent Layoffs

Verizon Communications Inc. met with customer service employees last summer, signaling imminent “restructuring” and “streamlining” measures expected to result in substantial layoffs, as reported by The Verge. With over 6,000 employees present during the call, the impact of these consolidation measures may extend beyond initial estimates. Verizon was slated to reveal details about the restructuring plan last summer, as conveyed in a prerecorded message to employees. However, no public updates have since been released. Workforce Reductions Across Companies The reported layoffs at Verizon align with a broader trend of U.S. companies, including Meta Platforms Inc. and Alphabet Inc., implementing workforce reductions due to a demand downturn attributed to elevated inflation and rising interest rates. In April, Verizon fell short of its first-quarter revenue and free cash flow estimates, citing wireless subscriber losses as inflation-weary Americans postponed device upgrades, and the...

Feb 16, 2024

What America Can Learn From Japan’s Workplace Dynamics

Balancing work and personal life is a universal aspiration in the changing workforce across industries. From watching the daily routines of influencers or the rise of remote work, how our jobs are viewed worldwide has significantly shifted in the last few years. Yet Japan , renowned for its unique cultural nuances, offers a distinct perspective on leadership and workplace culture. A deeper exploration reveals that these cultural subtleties within their country play a pivotal role in shaping professional relationships. Dedication Beyond Boundaries Japanese professionals embody an unwavering work ethic and organizational commitment. Punctuality and dedication are highly valued, often leading to extended working hours as a sign of devotion deeply embedded in their culture. In the U.S., many job seekers prioritize work-life balance and personal time for family and social connections. This creates a distinct contrast in values compared to their Japanese counterparts. Dress Code In The...

Feb 9, 2024

What Is A Purple Squirrel In Recruiting?

In the world of recruiting , the term “purple squirrel” isn’t a wildlife reference but a metaphorical expression for an exceptionally rare and uniquely qualified candidate . Imagine finding an individual with the precise set of skills, experience, and qualifications sought by an employer – it’s as challenging as spotting a purple squirrel in the wild. When recruiters use the term “purple squirrel,” they’re emphasizing the extraordinary nature of the sought-after candidate. This goes beyond a standard job applicant; it refers to someone who meets job qualifications and possesses additional, often exceptional, attributes that make them a perfect fit for the role. What Is The Purple Squirrel Theory? The purple squirrel theory challenges traditional hiring norms by suggesting that organizations may set overly stringent criteria for their ideal candidate. This theory encourages employers to reconsider expectations and focus on essential skills, fostering a more realistic and efficient...

Feb 2, 2024

What The Wells Fargo Layoffs Mean For Jobs, Stocks, And Corporate Strategy

Wells Fargo remains under the spotlight as investors respond to the financial giant’s recent announcement of workforce reduction plans. The news, which surfaced in late 2023, revealed that Wells Fargo CEO Charlie Scharf shared plans to cut the company’s workforce, anticipating severance costs ranging between $750 million to $1 billion during the fiscal fourth quarter of last year. This strategic move follows earlier layoffs at Wells Fargo disclosed last month, totaling 11,300 jobs or 4.7% of its workforce in 2023. The company’s approach under Scharf’s leadership aims to maintain a workforce presence near its various hubs across the United States. Why Are The Wells Fargo Layoffs Happening The decision to reduce headcount comes in the wake of Wells Fargo’s ongoing efforts to navigate challenges in the economic landscape. Last month, Scharf highlighted the necessity of these payments, citing the need for the company to adjust its workforce amid persistently low turnover rates. In...

Jan 19, 2024

How CLLCTVE Founder + LinkedIn Creator Kelsey Davis Is Connecting Gen Z Creators To Opportunities

Entrepreneur Kelsey Davis is striving to democratize the content and job landscape for creatives and Generation Z through her startup CLLCTVE and by engaging with her network as a LinkedIn Creator .

Jun 30, 2022

OneTen Pledges 3,500 Tech Scholarships To Support Underserved Black Talent

To provide a space for Black talent in tech, OneTen — a group of industry executives aiming to hire and build Black individuals to create an equitable and inclusive workforce — has launched its inaugural scholarship program to provide support for over 3,500 students over the next two years, a press release states. The program was created to spearhead underserved Black talent toward the tech industry — with a focus on four core tech competencies: digital marketing, business analytics, front end developer, and predictive analytics — despite not acquiring four-year degrees. “By investing in talent transformation, we can help remove the barriers to diversity in tech. By providing access to resources that are designed to nurture and develop people’s skills, we can help get more Black talent into the technology space,” Dennis Schultz, Executive Director of the BIT Foundation, said in a press release. As a contribution toward OneTen’s commitment, Udacity and Blacks In Technology will lend...

Oct 18, 2021

HBCUs Are Producing Black STEM Professionals — But PWIs Aren't Matching That Energy

A quarter of Black graduates with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) degrees come from Historically Black Colleges And Universities (HBCUs), the United Negro College Fund reported. Overall, HBCUs graduate 20 percent of all Black undergraduate students, and over the years, HBCUs have invested more resources into grooming the brightest Black STEM leaders. Black and white students embark on earning STEM degrees at the same rate. Still, The Penn Center for Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) found that Black students studying engineering earned only 4.2 percent of bachelor’s degrees in 2012 compared to 68.1 percent of white students. Overall, recent research shows that Black graduates account for only seven percent of STEM degrees. The lack of resources for Black STEM students starts at the K-12 education level. The U.S. Department of Education found that only 50 percent of public schools serving Black students in the U.S. offer calculus, and about 63 percent offer...

Sep 10, 2021

Some Black Women Prefer To Work From Home To Escape Racism And We Don't Blame Them

Working from home provides a certain freedom and flexibility that office life will never match, and Black women are taking advantage of that. Whether that freedom looks like working in your pajamas, taking extra breaks, binging Netflix shows during meetings, indulging in midday workouts, or for some Black women, escaping workplace racism, working from home brings various senses of comfort that some aren’t willing to give up easily now. Insider published a story detailing how Black women feel about working from home and how it gives them “more agency over their lives.” While the pandemic forced many companies across the nation to adopt work from home models, it also forced them to question their workplace culture, even while their teams weren’t congregating in person. In June 2020, an Essence Magazine study reported that 45 percent of Black women said they often experienced racism while at work. Slack backed that in its recent Future Forum survey which found that more Black employees...

Jul 17, 2021

Following Her True Passion, CEO Elizabeth Lindsey Announces Transition From Byte Back to Urban Alliance

Byte Back CEO Elizabeth Lindsey is stepping down to take on the role as CEO of Urban Alliance, a national youth workforce development nonprofit. Byte Back is a tech inclusion nonprofit with presence across the DMV region. The nonprofit offers computer training, IT certification and career services for adults seeking careers in tech. Lindsey worked at Byte Back for five and a half years before thinking about the possibility of moving on. “I wasn’t actively looking for something at all,” Lindsey told AfroTech in a video interview. “I’ve always wanted to run a national organization and Urban Alliance has sites in D.C., Baltimore, Chicago and Detroit. It’s quite a bit larger than Byte Back and the work that Urban Alliance does is just so close to my heart.” Lindsey said the search firm that Urban Alliance hired reached out to her after the nonprofit’s current CEO, Eshauna Smith, recommended her for the lead role. She applied for the position and after two months of interviewing, she...

Mar 11, 2021

Hampton University Awarded $17.7M Grant For Workforce Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center

Hampton University was recently awarded $17.7 million as a recipient of The Reimagine Workforce Preparation Grant Program. In collaboration with the Virginia Board of Workforce Development and Old Dominion University, the historically Black institution will use the funding to establish the Virginia Workforce Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center. It will serve as an incubator for aspiring entrepreneurs with hopes of it growing the city’s economy. “Hampton’s proposal is especially promising,” said U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, who visited the campus last week. “This program is for all students of all ages, especially adult learners seeking new knowledge and skills to grow their own businesses. I’m excited to see how this Center will expand Hampton’s influential role in this community and throughout Virginia.” Hampton University Awarded $17.7 Million Grant to Establish the Virginia Workforce Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center:

Sep 29, 2020