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Wanda Sykes Earned A B.S. From Hampton, But Her Comedic Career Led To Her $10M Fortune

Some voices are immediately recognizable once you hear them. On that list, you’ll likely find people like Morgan Freeman, Samuel L. Jackson — and, of course, Wanda Sykes. The familiarity of these people’s gifts is what makes them household names, and Sykes has held it down for decades. To this day, she continues to entertain people with her versatility as a voice actor, comedic chops, and acting prowess. Sykes is a Virginia native and graduate of Hampton University. Although Wanda Sykes graduated with a bachelor of science degree in marketing, she launched her stand-up career in Washington D.C. during a Coors Light Super Talent Showcase, according to PBS. Her career would soon take off as a writer and on-screen talent for HBO’s “Chris Rock Show.” Sykes would then go on to star in several other television shows and movies that include “Pootie Tang,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” “Black-ish,” and her recent endeavor, “The Upshaws” on Netflix. The comedienne’s hard work and talent earned her...

Josh Rodgers

Mar 7, 2023