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33-Year-Old Mike Evans Made $40K From A Cookie Vending Machine, Then Invested It To Open A Storefront

Entrepreneur Mike Evans revisited an idea and is now making bank thanks to a cookie storefront.

Feb 10, 2023

Marcus Gram Says He Went From 'Living In Poverty' To Projected To Earn $500K In 2022 From His Vending Machine Business

Marcus Gram started from the bottom. Now, he is earning top dollars. CNBC Make It reports the 31-year-old started with $10,000 and a dream. Gram was making $30,000 per year and originally aspired to become a music producer. He later moved back home to find footing and saved money by living with his mother. He then moved to Philadelphia with aspirations to jumpstart an entrepreneurship journey. Marcus recalls seeing a woman retrieve money from a vending machine. That brief snapshot in time sparked his interest and his side hustle began. He invested $4,400 into two vending machines with two card readers in 2018. Gram earned $4,000 in his first year. Soon, his side hustle became a business, and Joyner Vending was born. One year later, his earnings soared to $25,000, and the year after that, $200,000. In 2021, Gram racked in $300,000. Fast forward to now, and Gram projects he is on track to earn half a million dollars this year alone. Gram shared his tips for success.

Aug 8, 2022

After Struggling To Land A Job Post Grad, Gen Z Entrepreneur Maya Ray Launched A Vending Machine Business That's Made $119K

Maya Ray is what we call post-grad goals. During her time as a college student, the Gen Z entrepreneur brainstormed a business idea that would have her financially set post-grad. A month after graduating from Georgia State University, the alumna launched FYC Vending — a vending machine company — which has generated $119,000 in sales, according to Business Insider.

Jun 13, 2022

Watch Her Work: 24-Year-Old Converts Snack Machines Into A Full-Blown Eyelash Vending Machine Business

We promise this is not your average vending machine. Shania Morris is the mastermind behind Blinkz On A Budget, a luxury vending machine that allows you to purchase lashes on the go. The unconventional route found favor in the eyes of the 24-year-old as it forged a connection between customers while cutting down operational costs. The Jamaican native stirred up the idea to launch a vending machine after recognizing the ever-growing popularity within the United States. Morris’ passion project soon went from an idea to reality after scoring a vendor in Florida who could provide a home for her human lashes. She planned to debut her machine at a local outlet mall in Florida but she soon realized to stand out among competitors, her dispensary would need a unique twist. In decked-out fashion, the vending machine received a stellar makeover sporting an adorned floral wall perfect to snap a few selfies while operating as a hidden marketing strategy. @thelashdoc #minklashes...

Feb 3, 2022