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What Is Jason Weaver's Reported Net Worth In 2023?

If you watched the animated version of Disney’s “The Lion King” from 1994, you are familiar with Jason Weaver, or at least his singing voice, which he lent to the role of Simba. Since then, the actor and singer has appeared in several movies and television shows — many of which have won awards. The 44-year-old actor and Chicago native is a shrewd businessman. Even as a child, he had the wherewithal (or great advisors that guided him) to turn down a $2 million flat fee for his role in The Lion King , instead favoring a flat upfront payment along with royalties to be paid for his lifetime. As a result, he still enjoys Disney checks to this day. So, with a business acumen like that, and a career that shows no signs of slowing down, how much is Jason Weaver worth today? Jason Weaver’s Early Life Jason Weaver is someone that can say entertainment literally runs in his veins. He was born in 1977 and is the son of Marilyn “Kitty” Haywood, who is a member of the Chicago-based all-female...

After Turning Down $2M For Singing In 'The Lion King,' Jason Weaver Celebrates Double-Platinum Track 30 Years Later

Jason Weaver is still earning big bucks after turning down a hefty offer from Disney for his role in “The Lion King.”

Samantha Dorisca

Nov 28, 2023

Jason Weaver Turned Down $2M Offer For 'The Lion King' Because His Mom Knew He Would Make More In Royalties

Jason Weaver says his mother saved him from making the biggest mistake of his career when he was cast for the original “Lion King.”

Samantha Dorisca

Nov 18, 2022

Meet The Dream Team Who Pulled Off A Live Production Of 'The Lion King' On Clubhouse 

“We are all connected in the great circle of life.” This quote from Disney’s “The Lion King” is true for the masterminds behind the musical event that took place on Clubhouse this past December. After stumbling across one another in various Clubhouse rooms like Bomani X’s “Cotton Club,” it was social networking fate that placed Noelle Chesnut Whitmore (Director/Executive Producer), Bomani X (Musical Director), Kam DeLa (Musical Director), Mir Harris (Nala), Chris Glover (Mufasa), and Myles Grier (Simba) in the presence of one another.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by ??Clutch Boogie (B.Clutch) ??? (@_comethruclutch) AfroTech was able to sit down with the creatives responsible for “The Lion King” musical on Clubhouse — a live rendition of the cult classic which included a 40-member cast, choir, live instrumentation, and to top it all off, a seamlessly orchestrated PTR (pull to refresh) imagery that matched up with every scene in the show — to life. This interview has...

Shanique Yates

Jan 27, 2021