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A Black-Owned Family Bakery Looks To Make A Difference In Its Western New York Community By Offering STEM Programs

This Black-owned family bakery exists to improve its Western New York community. According to WKBW-7 TV, Radah Baked Goods Founders Lavenia and Lee Thomas have been leading the sweet shop for nearly four years and most recently moved to a new location at 247 Amherst Street in Buffalo, NY. Their shop offers brownies and cupcakes for $3.50, cookies for $2.50, and three-layer cakes for $50.

Samantha Dorisca

Jan 4, 2024

Groupon To Create A $350K Fund To Support Black Students In STEM After Settling An Employment Opportunity Investigation

Groupon, a digital coupon provider, will be establishing a $350,000 fund to support Black students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), the Chicago Tribune reports.

Samantha Dorisca

Dec 29, 2023

National Education Nonprofit NAF Is Helping Students Of Color Get A Head Start In STEM Careers

NAF, a national education nonprofit, has been working since 1980 to raise standards in education.

Samantha Dorisca

Sep 13, 2023

Founder Kevin Horton Is Gamifying Education Through Nomadd Group

Founder Kevin Horton is making a positive impact on society by engaging youth in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) through gamification.

Samantha Dorisca

Aug 29, 2023

STEMBoard Founder And CEO Aisha Bowe Secures $947M Government Contract

When she isn’t preparing to become the first Black woman to travel with Jeff Bezos to space through Blue Origin, Aisha Bowe is securing legendary funding to fulfill her passion for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

Shanique Yates

Jun 8, 2023

Meet Amie Fornah Sankoh, The First Deaf Black Woman With A Doctorate In STEM

Amie Fornah Sankoh has defied the odds stacked against her and made history.

Shanique Yates

May 31, 2023

Meet Sarah Adewumi, A Science Communicator At NASA Who Went From Pageant Queen To An Advocate For Black Girls In STEM

Former pageant queen Sarah Adewumi reminds young girls that they can be multifaceted while pursuing STEM careers.

Samantha Dorisca

Mar 28, 2023

HBCU Harris–Stowe State University Creates College Of STEM To Meet Demand For 'The Fastest Growing Degree Field' On Campus

Harris-Stowe State University has created a new college to diversify the STEM sector in Missouri.

Samantha Dorisca

Feb 21, 2023

Civil Engineer Jamila Lindo Self-Published A Children's Book To Encourage Young Girls To Pursue Careers In STEM

Becoming something you’ve never first learned about is nearly impossible. Jamila Lindo picked up on this when she noticed that the young girls she tutored were taken aback that she went to college to be a civil engineer. The group of middle and high schoolers wasn’t exposed to the different careers in STEM. From there, the Norwalk resident chose to take action in enacting change.

Ngozi Nwanji

Jan 23, 2023

How A Project Manager At The Federal Reserve Became An Author Promoting Black Girls In STEM

When Valerie Thompkins isn’t working a 9 to 5, she is challenging young minds to pursue high-paying careers. Photo Courtesy of Valerie Thompkins  

Samantha Dorisca

Jan 13, 2023

6 Things To Know About Monique Coleman, The Multi-Hyphenate And Black Girl In STEM On Disney's 'High School Musical'

It’s time we give Monique Coleman her flowers. Here are six things to know about the actress, who played the Black girl in STEM on Disney’s “High School Musical.”

Samantha Dorisca

Dec 15, 2022

Kristel Bell Launched A Doll Company In Response To The Lack Of Representation For Women Of Color In STEM

Kristel Bell is on a mission to empower students and educators in the classroom and beyond. Growing up, Bell was exposed to computer science early on since her mother worked in the field. Bell and her siblings were encouraged to consider engineering programs and coding classes throughout their education. Fast forward, Bell ultimately went on to pursue a business degree at Michigan State University. Yet, she never lost her passion for STEM. So, alongside her mother and sisters, they launched Black Girls Movement i n 2016. The nonprofit helps Black girls fight systemic racism by providing equal access to STEM education and resources. “We just wanted to create opportunities for young Black girls to learn because a lot of Black girls don’t have the financial resources that they need in comparison to others. We wanted to make sure that with our programming, we always paired them with financial support by giving out scholarships,” Bell told AfroTech.

Samantha Dorisca

Sep 1, 2022

Miss Black USA Talented Teen Creates Full Ride Scholarship For Future Winners Of The Crown

Miss Black USA Talented Teen is crowning her successor this weekend, who will also receive a full-ride scholarship thanks to her efforts. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Jacqueline Means 👩🏾‍🔬🧪✨ (@stemqueende)

Samantha Dorisca

Aug 5, 2022

Lupita Nyong'o, LANCÔME Present $400K Worth Of Scholarships To NAACP Youth Members

Forty young minds have been awarded a $10,000 scholarship, which has been presented by Lupita Nyong’o in partnership with Lancôme.

Samantha Dorisca

Jul 18, 2022

CodeHouse Launches The Second Cohort Of Its STEM Program For HBCU Students

There are a plethora of opportunities for Black students aspiring to venture into STEM, and CodeHouse — a tech-focused nonprofit — is one of them. According to a press release, CodeHouse recently commenced the second year of the CodeHouse Scholars Initiative (CHSI). After receiving a $1 million grant from for the four-year program, CHSI is now back with a new round of incoming HBCU freshmen heading into the field. The selected students will be awarded $20,000 in academic scholarships, professional development, and one-on-one mentorship, per the outlet. Thanks to the grant, CHSI was expanded from including Clark Atlanta University, Morehouse College, and Spelman College to also Howard University and North Carolina A&T State University. “We’re proud of the strides we made during the CodeHouse Scholars Initiative’s inaugural year, and today marks another important step in our journey to improve diverse representation in the tech industry,” said Ernest Holmes, CodeHouse’s...

Ngozi Nwanji

Jul 15, 2022