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Welcome To The Cookout: An Inside Look At How One Founder Is Changing The Snack Game One Bag Of Popcorn At A Time

Picture this: it’s date night, and you just finished dinner; you’ve planned to see the latest film at the theater. Although you’ve eaten a full meal, something about the allure of concession foods seems to be drawing you and your partner in. And the sense that has been most intrigued is your sense of smell by the ever-common popping of popcorn. For many, movie popcorn is top-tier. It is often associated with memories, a sense of connection, and a butter flavor that is pretty difficult to recreate outside the theaters. But with a shift in how moviegoers attend the theater since the pandemic, many people have put more effort into recreating the movie culture at home. And as one would imagine, having the proper snacks is a significant part of that at-home movie atmosphere. What makes at-home movie viewing most like an in-theater experience? It’s the snacks–particularly popcorn. But without the comfort of movie theater popcorn, where can people turn to when the standard grocery option...

Apr 25, 2023