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MaC Venture Capital, Serena Ventures, Michael B. Jordan Award HBCU Grad With $1M For His Startup

TracFlo is definitely a startup you’re going to want to look out for in 2022. It was announced that the app — created to streamline contractor documents and workflow operations for construction projects — won the Startup Pitch Competition for HBCU founders during the inaugural Invesco QQQ Legacy Classic in an Instagram post. As the winner, TracFlo took home a $1 million prize thanks to the Invesco QQQ Legacy Classic, which partnered with MaC Venture Capital and Serena Ventures — tennis legend Serena Williams’ investment firm. Through her firm, Williams is on a mission to create change through investing in opportunities that make the lives of everyday people better. “We see a lot of venture companies investing in a lot of people, but it’s really just about following people of color and women and giving them the same opportunities,” said Williams, during a live broadcast of the event which aired on TNT. View this post on Instagram A post shared by The Invesco QQQ Legacy Classic...

Dec 20, 2021

These Founders Are Helping Black Youth Land Jobs And Tap Into Esports Through Their 'Cxmmunity'

Although reports show esports is projected to reach 285 million frequent users by 2024, those numbers, although impressive, have less significance if the Black community remains underrepresented and under-resourced. Looking to provide a gateway for the Black community, co-founders Christopher Peay (chief marketing officer) and Ryan Johnson (chief executive officer) launched Cxmmunity, a nonprofit to revitalize minority involvement in the esports industry and increase minority involvement in STEM. The inception of Cxmmunity began in Georgia, a state that has reportedly become the esports capital of the nation. And, its city of Atlanta is marked as one of the premier locations for U.S. gamers due to the venues and infrastructures, which can house the necessary elements of an esports ecosystem. However, despite the state’s gleaming presence for gamers, there are still inequities for the Black population within the school systems. According to Peay, there were evident discrepancies...

Nov 23, 2021