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Pop Singer Seal Earned A $40M Net Worth, But Being a Father To His 4 Children Is Where His True Treasure Lies

If you’re of a particular age, the movie “Space Jam” brings on a bit of nostalgia. From seeing NBA legends in their prime on-court era to a multi-verse collision between reality and cartoon land, the 1996 film is considered a classic among many. Beyond the lead acting from NBA legend Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny, “Space Jam” also has an all-star-led soundtrack that gives life to pivotal moments in the film. One of the songs from that era was Seal’s “Fly Like an Eagle.” But Seal’s hit-making capabilities didn’t start or end with his contribution to the film’s soundtrack. Seal was born on the outskirts of London, England, and began performing in local clubs to escape his impoverished childhood. According to Britannica, Seal used those early moments of singing and songwriting to build his name, leading to a 1987 production deal. However, it was not until 1990, when his song “Killer” with Adamski (Adam Tinley) became a hit, that Seal would get his major break. The song received...

Jan 13, 2024