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Abbey Creeks' Bertony Faustin Talks Being Oregon's First Black Winemaker: People Would 'Be Surprised That I Was The Owner'

According to the United States Census Bureau, only 2.2 percent of Oregon’s residents are Black. With such small representation, it is even more important for Black people to have spaces of community and safety. Bertony Faustin has one of the spaces as Oregon’s first Black winemaker.

Josh Rodgers

May 20, 2022

Nike To Move Forward With Employee Terminations Due To Vaccine Refusal

Nike isn’t playing. The Oregonian reports that the company will let go of all employees without a religious or medical exemption for the COVID-19 vaccination starting Saturday, Jan. 15. Nike has reportedly had a vaccine mandate in place for all employees since October 2021. As one of the largest companies with headquarters in the state of Oregon, the sportswear brand has been strict when it comes to vaccine requirements.

Shanique Yates

Jan 14, 2022

Studies Show Airbnb Hosts Discriminate Against 'Black-Sounding Names,' But Are We Surprised?

It could all be so simple, but racism makes it hard. When it comes to renting homes through Airbnb, minorities, specifically Black people, seem to always be up against refusal of service on the platform. The company has decided to finally somewhat take a stance with an experiment that they hope will resolve the issue. According to NPR, studies have shown that there are some Airbnb hosts who discriminate against customers based on both profile images and “African American sounding names.” In an effort to fix the issue, the company is starting with a test in the way that Oregon-based guests book their stays.

Shanique Yates

Jan 6, 2022