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Miiriya Claims 'A Lot' Of Multi-Millionaires Tried To Buy The Black Business Marketplace But Wanted To Change Its Mission

Following its launch, Miiriya has become well-known for keeping people informed about all things related to Black-owned businesses. Now, it appears the beloved marketplace is coming to an end.

Ngozi Nwanji

Jan 27, 2023

These Two Founders Launched A Community-Based Platform To Help Black-Owned Brands FLOURYSH

In the same way that a platform’s “why” plays a part in its trajectory, its name also plays a key role in laying the foundation for what it aims to contribute to its members. In this case, FLOURYSH was named with pure intention by entrepreneurs Steve Canal and Enitan Bereola as the online marketplace works to help independent Black-owned brands expand toward success. Consumers are naturally drawn to the heart of what businesses stand for, and the stories behind the brands hosted on the eCommerce platform are amplified through a unique partnership with both Black business owners and storytellers. Driven by community, the overall mission of FLOURYSH is to connect people with their target audience, ultimately putting more eyes on their work. “A lot of brands exist in silos and you can literally get disbursed 20 Black brands by scouring the internet or scouring Instagram. And once you’ve learned them, you’ll realize they come with these whole communities. It’s like you’re late to the...

Ngozi Nwanji

Feb 26, 2022

Instacart Announces $1M Advertising Initiative To Support Emerging Black-Owned Brands On Marketplace

Instacart is using its latest initiative to amplify emerging Black-owned brands online. A press release reports that the digital grocery platform has announced a new $1 million advertising initiative that will showcase Black-owned consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands within the Instacart marketplace. This will mark Instacart’s first-ever program designed specifically to benefit Black-owned brands on its platform through its robust advertising resources. Through this initiative, Instacart Ads will give its Black-owned brands the opportunity to reach a bigger audience amongst its digital aisles by way of prominent ad placements on the millions of items available through the platform’s 600 plus national, regional, local retailers and brand names. “As our service grows, we believe Instacart has a unique opportunity to further amplify Black-owned and Black-led brand partners in the digital aisles,” Seth Dallaire, Chief Revenue Officer at Instacart, said in a statement. “We want Instacart...

Njera Perkins

Jun 10, 2021

Entrepreneur Feleg Tsegaye Launched Ethiopia's First Online Food Delivery Company

Forward-thinking innovations in Africa are what keeps the continent ahead of the game in leading the future for us all. Thanks to entrepreneur Feleg Tsegaye, Africa’s momentum in the food space is seeing an uptick after launching Deliver Addis, Ethiopia’s first online restaurant delivery company, Face2Face Africa reports. Tsegaye — who was born to exiled Ethiopian parents in the U.S. — moved to Ethiopia when he was 24-years-old to begin his ambitious business endeavor. He set up his Addis Ababa-based company in 2015 as both a platform and an app to deliver takeout restaurant food, groceries, and beverages, as well as flowers and books. According to How We Made It in Africa, Tsegaye’s reason for creating Deliver Addis was because he didn’t want to learn how to cook, but the mission grew to be much greater than that. For Tsegaye, launching this new venture was not only a way to generate new jobs in his home country, but also change the structure of dining culture for Ethiopia as a...

Njera Perkins

Jan 11, 2021