Following its launch, Miiriya has become well-known for keeping people informed about all things related to Black-owned businesses. 

Now, it appears the beloved marketplace is coming to an end.

On Jan. 26, the owner announced that they are set to close Miiriya in the next four weeks after receiving a “devastating notice” about the server.

For an extended period of time, the marketplace has been seeking support to keep things afloat. However, they shared that after reaching out to over 100 people, they are currently no longer seeking the public’s assistance.

“A lot of Multimillionaires, the majority just wanted to purchase the entire thing to turn it into something different with different nonBlack shareholders/ for goals that it wasn’t for,” they revealed on Twitter. “I showed them the thousands of Black Businesses Miiriya helped succeed/ 100s of people it helped.”

In the Twitter thread, based on the details shared, the marketplace made tireless efforts on its end but hit a big hurdle in its third year that it says caused a lot of damage.

However, they claim to have been able to bounce back and were just seeking one more round of help.

What’s more, the owner says they successfully finished the application programming interface (API), which allows Black businesses to sync all of their products, orders, and shipping from their stores.

Despite their resilience, they still received an email that the extension for their server was going to be cut.

“I’ve put a lot of work into the code that syncs Black Owned businesses from all major platforms, so I’ll be testing it with some vendors in the next weeks, w/ some new innovations I made, just to see how it would’ve been so I can have peace of mind with that,” they shared.

Since posting the thread, numerous Twitter users have gathered together to see how to support Miiriya.

As of this writing, the owner is working to catch up on orders and has shared their PayPal and CashApp information for potential support.