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Rick Ross Questions The Validity Of Crypto-Millionaires — 'Y'all Gettin' So Much Money, Where You At?'

Rick Ross has some questions for crypto-millionaires. “That’s the thing about Rick Ross — that’s the thing about the bawse ,” he said in a recent Instagram story. “The metaverse . Crypto . Y’all gettin’ so much money, where you at? Where you at ? Show us! And I don’t mean ‘I’m tryna get money.’ Yo, man, I got a lot of money … But show us. Show my homies what the metaverse [is] about. Y’all big boy crypto dudes! … All that fake rich money, where it’s at?” Check out the video of Ross calling out pump-faking crypto-millionaires below. Rick Ross wants crypto investors to prove they’re making money 😭 — Hot Freestyle (@HotFreestyle) May 2, 2022 To a certain degree, Ross does have a point. There is no shortage of crypto scams out there, and they can most especially be found on your friendly neighborhood Instagram page where “ForEx professionals” offer to make you untold amounts of money for a “small fee,” only to run off with your funds, never to be seen again....

These Black Men Millionaires Are Offering Up Some Invaluable Advice On Wealth-Building

While Black men who are millionaires are becoming more common in this day and age, there’s still a noted disparity between them and millionaires of other races. According to the Financial Samurai, there are some pretty mind-boggling statistics to consider when it comes to millionaires. For example: If you are a Black man with only a high school diploma, your chances of becoming a millionaire are only one percent. But having more education doesn’t improve your chances exponentially, because if you’re a Black man with a master’s degree, you only have a six percent chance of becoming a millionaire (A white man with a master’s degree, however, has a 38 percent chance of becoming a millionaire). These statistics alone indicate that millionaire Black men have to go through more to achieve the same thing as their non-Black counterparts. These six millionaire Black men had some invaluable advice to impart — so if you’re looking to join that rarefied strata, read on.

9 Black Millionaires Who Built Wealth Outside Of Sports And Entertainment

For generations, Black Americans have been taught that our golden ticket to wealth and becoming Black millionaires is by making it as athletes or entertainers. But that’s a very one-sided picture that has been painted for us that fails to acknowledge the many Black entrepreneurs that found success outside of those expectations. Individuals beyond the realm of big-name sports figures, music and movie stars have managed to use their intellect and skills to break into the millionaires club. Thus, dispelling the myth that Black people can only reach seven figure incomes from arenas and stages. Of the many Black millionaires that thrive in sports, music and entertainment, here are some who represent across finance, tech, and real estate.

Njera Perkins

Aug 13, 2021