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How This Historic Acquisition Is Set To Birth The Only Black-Owned, Woman-Owned Contact Lens Manufacturer In The World

Black Pearl Global Investments is strategically making moves to improve health disparities across the globe.

Sep 6, 2022

Cannabis Industry Booms As Analysts Predict Merger and Acquisition Activity to Reach $2B in 2021

The cannabis industry continues to thrive! According to PR Newswire, the cannabis market ended 2020 with more than $600 million in deals. The success is expected to continue with an anticipated backlog of $2 billion in deals as 2021 continues. Factors like COVID-19 and election results that opened up five new states to legalize cannabis use and possible federal regulatory reform continue to boost prospects. Per the Cannabis Industry Journal, analysts predict that the U.S. cannabis market is positioned to double by 2025. “Growth is expected to be led by multi-state operators who have achieved scale, cleaned up their balance sheets, and stockpiled dry powder for roll-up acquisitions,” reads the article on the website. “Cannabis companies raised nearly $134 million in the two weeks before Election Day, a 185% increase over the same period last year. Most of the money flowed to multistate operators. In addition, the biggest stocks by market capitalization saw a roughly 20% bump ahead of...

Mar 23, 2021