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The Perfect Morning Routine To Set You Up For Success

For professionals, a consistent morning routine can be an asset in beginning your day on the right track. With an established morning routine, whether waking up at 5 AM or 9 AM, you will have a stronger foundation to set the tone for an effective workday . If you find it hard to fall asleep before midnight, trying to force yourself into the early-rising club may lead to exhaustion. It’s essential to listen to your body’s natural rhythms. Even if mornings aren’t your strong suit, you can still establish a routine that aligns with your body’s preferences. By prioritizing consistency and finding a schedule that works for you, you can create a morning routine that sets you up for success without sacrificing sleep or well-being. Popular Steps To Include In Your Morning Routine A well-crafted morning routine can lay the foundation for a successful day ahead by setting a positive tone for your daily activities. Adding intentional habits into your morning can help you feel more focused and...

Corinne Dorsey

Feb 27, 2024

Alicia Keys Teams Up With Deepak Chopra To Launch 21-Day Audio Meditation App

The singer-songwriter is honoring Mental Health Awareness Month with an all-new meditation program. This week, Forbes reported that Alicia Keys announced a partnership with self-care guru Dr. Deepak Chopra’s Chopra Global to launch an integrated 21-day meditation experience titled, “Activating the Divine Feminine: The Path to Wholeness,” which focuses on “collective healing through accessing The Divine Feminine” and restoring joy in users’ lives. “I believe the Divine Feminine is an extremely powerful force within all of us,” Keys says according to ESSENCE. “It helps you grow, it helps you create, it cultivates who you are. There’s a major imbalance in our world, and we can all feel it. To counteract it, we have to open the door to the Divine Feminine in us and its ability to repair and create.” The outlet shares that Keys’ new free program — which exists within The Chopra App — aims to help listeners find the balance between their feminine and masculine powers and “return to peace...

Njera Perkins

May 13, 2021

9-Year-Old Child Prodigy, River Mason Eromosele Publishes Inspiring Children's Book

For a 9-year-old, model, actor, and now author, River Mason Eromosele is an accomplished young boy. The child prodigy comes from a famous bloodline with deep roots in the entertainment industry, as the son of world-renowned wardrobe stylist and entertainment exec Pilar Scratch and nephew of Hip-Hop icon, Rah Digga. Mom Pilar Scratch & River Mason Eromosele Eromosele has been made appearances in a long list of commercials, print ads, and television shows, and now he’s adding book writing to his lengthy resume. Eromosele and his mother recently released a new children’s book titled The Sky Is The Limit , which is slated to become a bestseller, according to Black News . The innovative book, inspired by his mom, sends a strong message to kids all over the world that there are no limits on following your dreams. “One day, I told my mom that I wanted to teach other children how to meditate and use the law of attraction for manifestation,” said Eromosele to Urban Magazine . “The purpose of...

Njera Perkins

Jun 4, 2020

Need Sweet Dreams? Allow Diddy to Guide You to Sleep

Need some sweet dreams? Diddy can solve that problem. Audible and Thrive Global released a sleep meditation program with the business entrepreneur titled “ Honor Yourself: Meditation Guided By Diddy. ” In a velvety, slow-talking tone, the artist now known as “Brother Love” guides listeners through a meditative rest that is perfect for bedtime. “There’s nothing to do right now but let go. By getting into bed, you sent the signal that it was time to rest. And by being here right now, resting, sinking into your breath, you’re honoring that signal,” Diddy says over New Age music, according to USA Today . “Right now, all you have to concentrate on is feeling calm, feeling relaxed, feeling at peace, feeling heavy.” Last week, he also tweeted the “free gift” to fans on Twitter. Diddy is one celebrity voice among the Amazon company’s Dream Team , which also includes recording artist...

Niki McGloster

Apr 27, 2020

COVID-19 Content Overload? Here's Why it's Time to Unplug

When the current pandemic crisis reached U.S. shores, I, like much of the country, looked to our government for information. I overdosed on daily press briefings, stayed up-to-date on death tolls and leaned on my online community heavily. To stay sane, I turned to yoga classes on IGTV, virtual happy hours on Zoom, each and every booty-sculpting fitness class, that DJ D-Nice live session (Auntie Michelle arrived and I almost fainted in my bed) and VERZUZ, the online catalog battle between music legends powered by Swizz Beatz and Timbaland. At first, the nonstop entertainment, born as a response to the pandemic, calmed my nerves, as Black culture tends to do. The music lifted my spirit, the workouts helped me sweat out the stress of uncertainty, and the nonstop Twitter jokes kept my mind distracted. But lately, the volume of content and constant connection has become overwhelming, only boosting my anxiety, not alleviating it. If you’ve also felt the weight of being tapped into every...

Niki McGloster

Apr 8, 2020

Mindful Tips to Help Cope With Anxiety During Coronavirus Crisis

The past few weeks have been extremely rough on the public, especially as more and more cases of COVID-19 continue to grow in large numbers. With many people now on lockdown and self-quarantining, everyone is looking for ways to stay sane and not let the rapid spread of this virus stress them out. People around the world have taken to social media to start healthy trends, finding creative ways to pass the time as we all self-isolate. From live-streamed concerts to Netflix watch parties, we’re all trying to find the best ways to cope and stay connected. Celebrities like Lizzo have even made it a priority to spread positive energy on social media with some soothing content. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Lizzo (@lizzobeeating) Our saving grace through this crisis has been technology. Social media, apps, video platforms, and many other mediums have provided us with some useful methods to keep us calm and productive. For those looking for ways to escape their...

Njera Perkins

Mar 22, 2020