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Dame Dash On His Daughter's Education: 'I Would Have Way Preferred To Just Give Her A Quarter Million Dollars'

Never underestimate the love of a father. Dame Dash may be a staple in Black culture, but just as he has supported and championed some of the biggest names in music as a business mogul, the same applies as a father of five.

Shanique Yates

Jan 6, 2023

Exclusive: Allyson Felix May Have Had Her Last Race, But She's Far From The Finish Line As She Approaches Her 'Next Great Challenge'

It’s looking like just the beginning as Allyson Felix is not finished just yet. Earlier this month, Felix — the most decorated track athlete in history — graced the field for the final time. Although her decision to retire was not easy, she looks forward to championing her legacy off the field in what she calls her “next great challenge.” In an exclusive interview with AfroTech, Felix affirms why she believes it was time to step away. “I felt so fulfilled throughout my career. It has been difficult to step away just because I am so passionate. I love competing so much, but I also knew that it was the right time. I knew that I wanted to move toward other things that I was passionate about as well,” Felix said. “I think it’ll be challenging since I don’t have that. I think there is a sense of loss, because the thing that I’ve spent the last 20 years doing, I’ll miss it, but I’m also excited to fulfill that area with other work that I’m interested in doing.”

Samantha Dorisca

Aug 23, 2022

Black Wall Street: A Lesson In Building Off Our Legacy

This past weekend, I got to celebrate my daughter’s birthday. When she was born 17 years ago on May 31, it never occurred to me that her connection to such a dark day in our country’s history would later serve as a beacon of light for building our family’s legacy and make her a driving force in my own career trajectory years later. Known as the Tulsa Massacre, the events of May 31, 1921, arguably encompass the most devastating atrocities of injustice we as Black Americans have endured in this nation’s history, shaping the future of our families for generations to come. It is on this day that a symbol of economic hope and success for Black communities in the United States came to an end when within hours, a white mob turned three square miles of a vibrant Black community into ashes, with more than 300 Black people killed and over 1,000 homes and businesses looted and set on fire. The Tulsa Massacre would set in a wave of fear and a warning for Black communities across the country for...

Tanya Van Court

May 31, 2022