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The Story Of How Billionaire Rihanna Once Sued Her Ex-Accountants For $9M After Mismanaging Funds

Picture it, the year is 2007, and from speakers all across the nation, you could hear the melodic echo of, “You can stand under my umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh.” From dirty whining to fans singing at the top of their lungs, Rihanna had music listeners in a proverbial chokehold with her chart-topping hit. This phenomenon would prove consistent as the Barbadian artist continued to make Billboard hits for almost every occasion. Want to set the straight record straight about who you really are? Consider playing “Needed Me.” In a particular mood to be in the streets? “Rude Boy” may be your song of choice. And if you need to get what you’re owed, there’s little doubt that “B-tch Better Have My Money” is your anthem. No matter where you land, there is not a lot of space to deny Rihanna’s impact on music. However, the 34-year-old artist didn’t limit herself to music. Born Robyn Fenty, the musician got deep into her cosmetic and lingerie bag with her brands Fenty Beauty and Savage x...

Aug 18, 2022