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Helping Brands Turn Marketing Upside Down

Do you have a friend or family member with a signature style, an often used saying, or a dish that’s requested for every holiday meal? Just reading that question likely brought back fond memories of that person. Memories you’ll forever associate with them because their style, catch phrase, or grandma’s signature mac & cheese recipe has become part of their personal brand. In marketing, the job is to build a similar feeling between people and our brand. People should have an affinity for products and services and for their experiences doing business with specific organizations. But building a brand people know and trust isn’t easy. As the world accelerated into a more digital space, people have grown weary of being marketed at, with random social media ads that aren’t relevant or meaningful to them. They also won’t tolerate disconnected experiences or those that don’t feel authentic. Marketers need to turn marketing upside down. Instead of marketing to and at people, brands should be...

Josh Rodgers

Oct 11, 2022

3 Ways You Could Be Growing Your Business Through Marketing

Right now, working in marketing is about finding ways to meet people where they are and engage them authentically. Millennials led the shift toward online shopping, digital activism and achieving work-life balance, while Gen Z is full of digital natives who can spot a grift from a mile away. Both generations value diversity and inclusivity and want to know brands’ stances on social issues To adapt to these new expectations, Kinesso’s Matterkind has implemented “ conscious marketing ” and launched Outcome Navigator (ON) — a suite of applications to help marketers navigate the changing landscape of the industry. Outcome Navigator’s offerings help focus marketing efforts on creating more thoughtful, respectful engagement with customers to achieve several key business outcomes vital to a marketing professional.

Brandi Hunter

Aug 15, 2022

Making History Now: The Women of MTK/KSO Share How Their Achievements Are Making Space For Diversity At Kinesso

AfroTech talked to four women who are thriving in their tech careers at IPG-owned Kinesso and Matterkind and working to drive the companies forward in the areas of innovation and diversity. As important as it is to honor and learn from women who made history and enabled little girls to imagine new possibilities for their lives, we also need to make space for recognizing those who are doing big things right now in their areas of influence. Here are there stories. Renu Hooda, Global Chief Talent Officer, Kinesso, LLC Renu Hooda leads employee experiences across the globe at Acxiom, Kinesso and Matterkind. Her primary responsibility is ensuring that people leaders and employees embody the company values and have equitable employee experiences. Hooda started as an actuary with the company, then transitioned to the compensation team at IPG Corporate almost 15 years ago. She says her creativity is unlocked in her pursuit to make sure everyone has the same access to growth opportunities....

Brandi Hunter

Apr 13, 2022

Culture And Inclusion SVP Femi Olu-Lafe Is Leading The Way In Workplace Wellness

A common #NewYearNewMe goal is to take better care of ourselves so that our bodies and minds are fortified for the long haul of everyday life. We focus on things we can control, like exercising, clean eating or spending less time on social media. But we don’t always take into account the impact of situations we can’t completely control, like a messy breakup or a stressful project at work. While it’s possible to survive and even thrive during hard times, it’s much easier to do so when anchors in our lives are steady. That’s why Dr. Femi Olu-Lafe, SVP of Global Culture and Inclusion for Interpublic Group’s Acxiom , Kinesso and Matterkind , says the companies are prioritizing workplace wellness. Leaders at these three organizations, which collectively serve as the marketing intelligence spine of IPG, recognize the effect day-to-day experiences can have on our overall health. So they’re providing the tools and space to help employees establish or reclaim wellness. Dr. Olu-Lafe talked to...

Brandi Hunter

Feb 8, 2022