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After Birthing Twins, Founder Jade Kearney Dube Has Raised $2M To Help Mothers Identify Concerning Symptoms During Postpartum

After birthing twins, Jade Kearney Dube developed a tool to advance her efforts in the maternal health sector. As AFROTECH previously mentioned, Kearney Dube founded digital health platform She Matters after feeling “invisible” in the healthcare system during postpartum. The platform requires professionals working with Black mothers to complete cultural competency training. In 2023, Kearney Dube was faced with another epiphany after being dismissed from the hospital after giving birth. At home swollen, with two babies who were just 5 days old, she was simply given a magnet to place on her refrigerator to help her determine if her blood pressure was high. She recognized this was an issue. “You can be a culturally competent physician and healthcare network and give all the resources, but once the mom leaves, she’s gone, right?” Kearney Dube told AFROTECH in an interview. “I’m on the third floor, and I have kids all around me. There needs to be something that’s on my body that can tell...

Samantha Dorisca

Feb 20, 2024

Why Jade Kearney Founded A Platform To Connect Black Women With Culturally Competent Healthcare Professionals

Jade Kearney is placing Black women at the forefront of mental health and wellness. As the CEO of She Matters, Kearney created the digital health platform to ensure Black women and women of color find the support they need. Kearney hopes to provide women the assistance she failed to receive following the birth of her daughter while working to complete her second master’s at New York University. “When I had postpartum, I was feeling the cultural norms of suffering in silence and I was invisible to the healthcare system. I experienced a lot of cultural stigma around mental illness and when it came to healthcare professionals or healthcare networks, I didn’t have any of them making the connection between what I had gone through physically while giving birth, which was preeclampsia and hemorrhage,” Kearney told AfroTech exclusively.

Samantha Dorisca

May 31, 2022