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What Is Ice Spice's Reported Net Worth in 2023?

This is the age of female rappers, with new talent emerging almost daily. Ice Spice is currently one of the newest faces in the female MC landscape, and her star is steadily rising. Affectionately referred to as “The People’s Princess” the rapper is known for her curly ginger hair, slick flow and meteoric rise to the top — all within just two years of the first song she officially released. Thanks to features on tracks with iconic artists like Nicki Minaj for the 2023 record summer box office hit “ Barbie” movie, Ice Spice has gone from being a viral sensation to a recognizable name beyond the Hip-Hop community . With all that attention and near instant success, that only leaves one question — how much is Ice Spice worth? Ice Spice’s Bronx Connection Ice Spice was born Isis Naija Gaston in 2000 from the birthplace of Hip-Hop — The Bronx. She grew up in the Fordham Road neighborhood and is the oldest of five children. Her father was an underground rapper while her mother worked at a...

Ice Spice Owns Her Masters, Publishing, And Has Creative Control — ‘No One On The Label Side Touches The Music’

Ice Spice could be still adjusting to her quick rise to fame. Despite that, she’s not falling for just anything.

May 12, 2023

After Her Single 'Munch' Went Viral On Social Media, Ice Spice Says She's Made $2M 'For Using A Mic'

If you’re up to date on what’s been trending on social media lately, it’s likely that you’ve heard Ice Spice’s “Munch (Feelin’ U).”

Nov 3, 2022