Ice Spice could be still adjusting to her quick rise to fame. Despite that, she’s not falling for just anything.

During an exclusive interview with Billboard, her manager, James Rosemond Jr., revealed that “The People’s Princess,” which her fans have named her, is not signed to a 360 deal.

The Indie Music Academy, defines a 360 deal as a contract between a label and an artist, in which the label gains a share of the profits from an artist’s catalog, publishing, concerts, merchandise, or television appearances.

While various labels were rushing to sign Ice Spice, Rosemond wasn’t quick to jump the gun. Instead, it was more important for him to get the best deal possible.

He says he learned from his father, Hip-Hop mogul James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond, who had managed The Game and Gucci Mane.

“I was privy to a lot of his deal-making, and me being a sponge allowed me to soak up what contracts looked like and how to approach labels,” Rosemond, the founder of Mastermind Artists, explained.

With his knowledge of the industry, Rosemond suggested to Ice Spice, “‘Let’s do it ourselves first.’ Deals came to her — production deals, 360 deals — but they were deals that I knew could be better, and in order to get a better deal, you have to go out and do it yourself.”


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Ultimately the bidding wars came to an end when Ice Spice solidified a deal with 10K Projects and Capitol Records that allowed her to main full creative control of her music. She owns her publishing rights and masters.

“No one on the label side touches the music. There is no traditional A&R with her,” said 10K Projects Co-President Zach Friedman. “No one’s picking beats, no one’s saying, ‘Do this, do that.’ It’s all her. We’re on her schedule.”

Ice Spice appears to be calling all the right shots.

Alongside producer RIOTUSA, who is behind some of her breakout hits including “In Ha Mood” and “Munch,” she has plans to continue releasing more catchy tunes.

“I just want more accolades. I just want to put out more music,” Ice Spice told Billboard.