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Start Your YouTube Channel With These Valuable Tips

Looking to become a successful YouTuber? Maybe you’ve considered the idea of starting your own channel, but never seriously pursued it. Beyond the obvious like finding a niche and investing in the right equipment, we’re here to give you tips on how to actually succeed on the platform. HOW TO START A YOUTUBE CHANNEL IN 2020: 3 VALUABLE TIPS JUST START You might think that starting is the most obvious part of having a YouTube channel. However, many people overlook the simplicity of starting right now. It’s easy to get caught up in planning and preparing to start your channel. This can lead to hesitation and procrastination because you’re thinking about every single aspect. Ready or not, just do it. Start your channel now. You don’t have to upload every video you record. So what if you look back at your first video and see how terrible it was? You have to start somewhere. And at least you’ll gain experience being in front of the camera and learn if you even enjoy making videos. DEVELOP...

Oct 29, 2020

How Regular Degular People Can Make Money on OnlyFans

Even before Beyoncé inspired the masses’ aspirations to join OnlyFans , folks were looking for ways to make money on the popular subscription-based platform. Sex workers and celebrity influencers have found million-dollar success on the social network, and believe it or not, regular degular people can secure the bag as well without risque photos and adult content. According to Homegrown Income , a wide variety of categories are available for content, including fashion, beauty tutorials, travel blogging, cooking, and cosplay. If you’re thinking of starting an OnlyFans, here are tips on how you can generate real income. Create exclusive content. Make sure your OnlyFans posts are for the pay-per-view site only. Don’t put a DIY video behind a paywall just to share it for free on YouTube. If you’re a fashion designer or musician, drop the first sneak peek of new material (an album or seasonal collection) on OnlyFans before giving it to the public. Cross-promote on your other social...

Oct 21, 2020

How to Start a Graphic Design Business: 4 Key Tips

Are you struggling to get your graphic design business off the ground? It’s all in the strategy. No matter how great your graphic design skills are, you’ll need a solid plan if you want to see success. Here are some valuable tips to help you start a rewarding graphic design business that wows your clients. 1. CHOOSE YOUR TARGET MARKET Before you do anything, know who you’ll be selling your graphic design services to. For example, will you be targeting small businesses, corporations, or nonprofit organizations? Will you target clients based on industry (i.e. healthcare brands, tech companies, or pet businesses., etc.) There are so many possibilities when it comes to niching down your graphic design company to target specific clients. 2. DETERMINE YOUR OFFERING(S) The graphic design industry is very broad. So if you go into the industry with no clear vision of what you want to offer, you won’t be able to narrow down your target client. Don’t be afraid to specialize in a certain skill,...

Jun 28, 2020

Everything Can’t Be For The Low:  A How-To Guide On Small Business Pricing Strategy

When releasing a product or service, many small business owners come to a metaphorical fork in the road when deciding on how much to charge their customers. Is this price too high? Am I lowballing myself? Instead of asking how much you should charge, find the value of your product and the best approach to setting a price. One of the biggest mistakes small business owners make is setting a price too high which ultimately scares customers away. Another mistake is setting a price so low that the business only profits a pittance per sale (also known as playin’ yourself). Although it takes a bit of research and brainstorming, your business’s pricing strategy deserves a well thought-out process. Here is a guide on how to choose a price that works for both you and your customer: 1. Determine the value of your product or service Set numbers aside for a moment and analyze how valuable your product is: Is it in high demand? Will it improve the lives of others? Does it provide efficacy to a...

Sep 20, 2019