Even before Beyoncé inspired the masses’ aspirations to join OnlyFans, folks were looking for ways to make money on the popular subscription-based platform. Sex workers and celebrity influencers have found million-dollar success on the social network, and believe it or not, regular degular people can secure the bag as well without risque photos and adult content.

According to Homegrown Income, a wide variety of categories are available for content, including fashion, beauty tutorials, travel blogging, cooking, and cosplay. If you’re thinking of starting an OnlyFans, here are tips on how you can generate real income.

Create exclusive content.

Make sure your OnlyFans posts are for the pay-per-view site only. Don’t put a DIY video behind a paywall just to share it for free on YouTube. If you’re a fashion designer or musician, drop the first sneak peek of new material (an album or seasonal collection) on OnlyFans before giving it to the public.

Cross-promote on your other social platforms!

However, since most creators have accounts on multiple social networks, it’s best to utilize your following on Instagram, Facebook, etc. for cross-promotion. Publish a 30-second teaser of a recipe on Twitter then link to the full video on OnlyFans to drive traffic to your paid content.

Switch up the media.

OnlyFans allows several different types of media, from images and videos to live streams and audio-only recordings. Though your subscribers may enjoy your videos, mix it up with images that can not only freshen up your content but also give you more insight into what content your audience loves.

Engage with your audience.

To that point, engaging your audience is priority No. 1. Be sure to give your audience a voice on your platform by hosting live streams, posting polls, and consistently responding to comments. If they’re paying, they’ll want to feel involved in the content. Also, the more your subscribers have a positive experience with your work, the more your audience will share it with others, helping your numbers to grow!

Set your account to “free,” but charge per post.

Finally, the point of an OnlyFans account is to make money. Some OnlyFans users set access to their entire account at one price. However, if you’re offering a variety of content — videos, images, etc. — make your page free and lock in a price per post. For example, charge $8.99 for a 20-minute video of international travel tips and set an image from said trip at $2.99.

Overall, OnlyFans is fantastic to add some extra cash to your account, even if you’re not into adult entertainment. Bottom line: the best way to secure the bag is to make your paid content work for you.