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What Is A Purple Squirrel In Recruiting?

In the world of recruiting , the term “purple squirrel” isn’t a wildlife reference but a metaphorical expression for an exceptionally rare and uniquely qualified candidate . Imagine finding an individual with the precise set of skills, experience, and qualifications sought by an employer – it’s as challenging as spotting a purple squirrel in the wild. When recruiters use the term “purple squirrel,” they’re emphasizing the extraordinary nature of the sought-after candidate. This goes beyond a standard job applicant; it refers to someone who meets job qualifications and possesses additional, often exceptional, attributes that make them a perfect fit for the role. What Is The Purple Squirrel Theory? The purple squirrel theory challenges traditional hiring norms by suggesting that organizations may set overly stringent criteria for their ideal candidate. This theory encourages employers to reconsider expectations and focus on essential skills, fostering a more realistic and efficient...

Corinne Dorsey

Feb 2, 2024

Diddy Reveals He's Seeking 'Unicorn Executives' And Seemingly Sets Sights On Disney — 'I'm Going To ... Buy Disney For Us'

When DJ Khaled released his single “God Did,” no one likely thought Sean “Diddy” Combs would soon come out with an announcement about a call to do God’s work. Well, he did, and with a sense of conviction from his Instagram post, the Bad Boy Entertainment founder is on a mission to “save the Black race.” While what that exactly means is unclear, the most interesting thing about his mission and work is his declaration to buy Disney.

Josh Rodgers

Sep 12, 2022

TikToker Reveals That A Voicemail Greeting May Have Prevented Her From Getting A Job

Voicemails can hold us back from getting jobs now? According to Daily Dot, one TikToker claims that she learned that a voicemail greeting prevented her from landing a new job. With more than 8,000 followers (as of this writing), Zanaya Jones is no stranger to getting candid about her life on the social media platform. In the latest video, however, she recalls an incident where she claims she “didn’t get hired” because of her voicemail. @zanayajones8 #harristeeter #fyp #dumbmanagers ♬ original sound – zanayajones8 “Yes, Miss Jones, I recommend if you apply for a job and you expect somebody to call you that you have a more appropriate response on your voicemail,” said the prospective employer, according to the TikTok. “So thank you for applying, and no need to give us a call back.”

Shanique Yates

Feb 3, 2022