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The 9 HBCU Events You Need To Know About In 2024

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) are one of the strongest forces in Black culture. Originally created due to Black students being shut out of white academic spaces, these institutions not only educated young adults, but also served as a space for community, networking and instilling cultural pride at a time when being Black in America was significantly harder than it is today. Today, there are 107 HBCUs scattered across the US , with over 228,000 students enrolled in them. Most people are aware of the longstanding schools like Howard University, Spelman College , Morehouse College, and Tuskegee University, but there are countless more across the North and South . And while these schools focus on their academics, the student body also enjoys the social aspect. From homecoming celebrations to a rich Divine Nine community, there’s plenty to do to connect with fellow HBCU students, alumni, and faculty. The school year may be technically over for most colleges right...

HBCU Buzz Founder Luke Lawal Jr. Unveils His First Cryptocurrency, $HBCU Coin

A new cryptocurrency made with HBCUs in mind is officially here. As an HBCU alum himself, the founder of HBCU Buzz, Luke Lawal Jr., has announced his own social token, $HBCU, via Rally, a network that enables creators to launch their very own cryptocurrencies. Thanks to their “social tokens,” fans are able to reap the benefits of unreleased content and merchandise while creators, on the flip end, are able to unlock forms of revenue. “$HBCU coin will allow students to gain knowledge about the crypto industry, while potentially building shared value with $HBCU holders allowing alumni and supporters the opportunity to continue their support for and connection to Black colleges, beyond graduation,” said Lawal in a news release shared with AfroTech. “The goal is to create an online campus experience for students and give them exclusivity to: purchase limited merchandise and receive free giveaways, access events like homecoming, take online courses on the crypto industry and more,...

Mar 14, 2022