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Did Someone Get Away With Selling 'GTA 5's Source Code' For $100K Without Actually Having The Code?

It seems like not even video games are safe when it comes to hackers looking to cash in for the sake of other people’s pockets. According to Game Rant, a hacker reportedly stole a Rockstar source code for Grand Theft Auto 6 and “denies that they sold Grand Theft Auto 5’s source code.” What this means is that this person could have potentially run off with $100,000 — here’s how.

Shanique Yates

Sep 21, 2022

Not Covering Your Webcam May Lead to Hackers Uncovering Your Privacy

In 2016, when FBI Director James Comey conducted a question-and-answer session on privacy at Kenyon College , one of his revelations baffled the audience. Comey admitted to covering his laptop’s webcam to ensure privacy, and encouraged others to do the same. Some thought it ironic, coming from a federal agent whose work involved the very infiltration of privacy. In the three years since Comey’s initial warning, the information security landscape has changed dramatically. Not only did a presidential election make Americans think twice about online security threats and the ramifications of hacking in politics, but major breaches at well-respected companies such as Target, Equifax, and Facebook also revealed the impact on our wallets and on our identity. While many can imagine what hackers could want with your personal and account information, it may be harder to discern how your webcam video feeds and sound bites could prove valuable. Hackers can actually use a Remote Access Tool to...

Emily Adeyanju

Dec 30, 2019

Spotify Reset Some Users' Account Passwords Because Of 'Suspicious Activity'

A music-streaming site is probably one of the last places you’d expect hackers to hit. Sadly, you may have expected wrong. On Thursday, Spotify notified an unspecified amount of users that the company reset their passwords — but didn’t clarify why. The most detail Spotify gave users were telling them that their passwords were reset “due to detected suspicious activity,” as TechCrunch reported . Some Spotify users took to Twitter to express their confusion. “Huh. Unexpected email from Spotify due to some ‘suspicious activity’. My password is randomly generated and long so makes me wonder what happened there,” one user tweeted. Although Spotify didn’t elaborate on what’s happening, it’s possible that this is an example of a “credential stuffing attack.” That’s where hackers scrape lists of usernames and passwords from hacked sites. Then, they use that information to get into other sites. “As part of our ongoing maintenance efforts to...

Vanessa Taylor

May 24, 2019

Boost Mobile Makes Announcement About Data Breach Nearly Two Months Later

When it comes to data breaches, most people would like to be warned shortly after. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Boost Mobile — a virtual mobile network owned by Sprint — recently announced that it had experienced a security breach almost two months ago. In an announcement, Boost said the breach originally occurred on March 14th. The company went on to add: “ experienced unauthorized online account activity in which an unauthorized person accessed your account through your Boost phone number and PIN code.  The Boost Mobile fraud team discovered the incident and was able to implement a permanent solution to prevent similar unauthorized account activity.” Boost didn’t specify how many accounts were impacted by the breach itself. However, as reported by TechCrunch , the company also notified the California Attorney General . That’s required by law when more than 500 in the state are impacted by a security breach. By using phone numbers and account PINs,...

Vanessa Taylor

May 14, 2019

Microsoft Says Hackers Have Been Targeting Think Tanks Ahead of European Elections

Microsoft announced it is increasing its cybersecurity for think tanks in the U.S. and abroad, ahead of the European Parliament elections. The company said that it has detected attacks against employees of the German Council on Foreign Relations, The Aspen Institutes in Europe, and The German Marshall Fund through its Threat Intelligence Center and Digital Crimes Unit. “We believe the work of organizations like The German Marshall Fund and its Alliance for Securing Democracy are an essential part of efforts to secure democracies against those who seek to undermine it,” Microsoft Customer Security & Trust Vice President Tom Burt said in a blog post . “Many organizations essential to democracy do not have the resources or expertise to defend themselves against cyberattacks.” The cyber attack targeted more than 100 accounts across Europe between September and December 2018. Microsoft said its ongoing investigation leads it to believe that Strontium, a Russian-linked hacker group,...

Arriana McLymore

Feb 22, 2019

This Widely-Used Voting Machine Is Vulnerable to Hacks, Report Finds

The Model 650 election machines used in more than half of U.S. states are vulnerable to cyber attacks, according to a report by Ohio’s secretary of state. The high-speed machine is used to count ballots, but an issue in its system could fall victim to election interference. The Model 650, created by Election Systems & Software LLC, is still sold on the company’s website; however, a spokeswoman for Election Systems told the Wall Street Journal that the machines have not been in production since 2007. She also said that the election machines are still fairly difficult to hack into in a “real world environment.” In August, hackers at the Defcon conference discovered flaws many of the election machine systems used across the country and this research was later made into a report. The report said that most of the security issues with the voting machines are at pique vulnerability when a hacker has physical access to the equipment; however, there are still ways to hack them remotely....

Arriana McLymore

Sep 27, 2018