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Oprah Winfrey Once Made $22K A Year While Her Co-Anchor Made $50K For 'Doing The Same Job'

When discussing the timeline of successful talk shows, it’s impossible not to mention Oprah Winfrey. In September 1986, Winfrey launched “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” On the trailblazing syndicated daytime show, she interviewed some of the biggest public figures, as well as everyday people. After running for 25 seasons, it remains the highest-rated daytime talk show in American television history , according to the Television Academy Foundation.

Ngozi Nwanji

Apr 27, 2023

Nia Long Opens Up About Gender Pay Gap In Hollywood — 'I Was Being Paid Peanuts'

Being recognized as one of Hollywood’s best doesn’t always follow with top dollars. Take actress Nia Long, for example, who revealed she was once paid “peanuts” compared to her male counterparts.

Samantha Dorisca

Jan 30, 2023

Despite The Changing Job Landscape, Report Shows Black People Still Face Challenges In The Labor Force

Grandma and ‘nem always told us, “there’s nothing new under the sun.” When it comes to racial biases and prejudices in the workforce, there’s a draining repetition of occurrences that never surprises Black and Brown folk. This phenomenon around racial biases against people of color is pervasive in the world, but it rears its ugly head in the job space quite frequently. From wage and payment gaps to a lack of professional development, Black and Brown people consistently face challenges that show great inequity in business and entrepreneurship. Carta — an ownership and equity management platform — releases a yearly report that explores the demographics and trends that highlight these issues, with some focus points on the ecosystem of venture capital and startup organizations. This year’s report from Carta explored some new assessment points like expanded geographic data, the effects of parenthood related to gender, and investor-specific demographics.

Josh Rodgers

Dec 14, 2022

Don Lemon On U.S. Men's Soccer Team: 'If They Make More Money, Then They Should Get More Money'

CNN’s Don Lemon turned some heads due to his stance on women’s pay in sports.

Samantha Dorisca

Dec 8, 2022

Venus Williams Talks Closing The Gender Pay Gap — 'I Want It To Happen In Time For My Niece'

Venus Williams is fighting a new battle off the courts to shed light on pay inequity. In an interview with E! News on Equal Pay Day, Williams gets candid about her experience at the Grand Slams, which is where the tennis star realized she was under-compensated in comparison to male athletes. The reality was hard to grapple with, leading Venus Williams to use her influence in hopes of a more hopeful future for young women. To do so, Venus William’s company EleVen, is spearheading the #PrivilegeTax movement, and Credit Karma, Twilio and A&E have hopped on board, Vanity Fair reports. “The #PrivilegeTax movement is what we’ve coined as this real data that shows that women only make 82 cents for every dollar that men make and it’s a serious problem,” Venus Williams told E! News. “I’m very passionate about it because this happened to me.” She continued: “I’m very excited to be partnering with many companies to close this gap, to raise awareness, to raise money at a grassroots level and...

Samantha Dorisca

Mar 15, 2022

New Study Finds Women Are Happier Working For Themselves

Time and time again business owners talk about the joys of working for themselves. Whether they left their job to pursue a passion or wanted more pay, self-employed people are generally happier with their decisions compared to those who work for others, a new study has found. Thumbtack surveyed more than 900 freelancers and business owners across various industries and found that the morale of self-employed women was much higher than general trends. About 58 percent of respondents said they felt they were less likely to experience workplace gender discrimination, while 54 percent said they were less susceptible to the gender pay gap. However, these feelings of hopefulness did not stop people from questioning female business-owners’ expertise in their fields. Women small business owners are five times more likely than men to have their expertise addressed and ten times more likely if they are in a male-dominated industry. The study also showed that over 30 percent of the women...

Arriana McLymore

Apr 3, 2019

Tech's Wage Gap Is Shortening While Minority Women Remain Negatively Impacted

It’s National Equal Pay Day, and just released its report on the gender pay gap across industries. Women in the workplace have historically been compensated less than their male peers for doing the same job — 60 percent of these men are paid more than women now. According to the study, the technology industry has a 3 percent wage gap which is a 1 percentage point improvement from two years ago. San Francisco had the smallest gender wage gap, followed by New York, Seattle, Boston, and Los Angeles. San Francisco’s booming tech scene plays a large part in its shrinking wage gap; however, it may not be the best city for women in tech. A separate study by SmartAsset found that Washington, D.C. ranks as the city with the best pay for women in tech with women making 95 percent of what men do. The survey also said that D.C. has more tech women workers and those employees have more income after housing costs. Although tech’s wage gap is making improvements , this progress may only...

Arriana McLymore

Apr 2, 2019

The Gender Wage Gap In Tech Is Slowly Shrinking, Report Finds

The gender wage gap continues to be an issue across industries but, according to Glassdoor’s latest analysis , it has begun to shrink — even in the tech industry. In general, the U.S.’s unadjusted pay gap is 21.4 percent, which means women make $0.79 for every dollar men earn. However, Glassdoor also controls for worker and job characteristics (such as age, education, occupation, and industry). When looking at the controlled numbers, the pay gap falls to 4.9 percent — a slight improvement from Glassdoor’s first analysis in 2016 . On an adjusted basis, men in the information technology industry make 5.4 more money than women. That’s an improvement from 2016 when Glassdoor found the industry’s wage gap to be 5.9 percent. The unadjusted gap is 11.8 percent. “Although many tech jobs display large gender pay gaps, the overall information technology (or “tech”) industry is close to the U.S. average and falls in the middle of the pack among industries,” Glassdoor wrote in its 2016 report....

Vanessa Taylor

Mar 27, 2019

Women In Tech Don’t Think Their Companies Are Prioritizing Gender Diversity, Research Reveals

The tech industry knows it has some work to do when it comes to gender and racial diversity. It seems like every week there’s a new diversity and inclusion officer appointed to help reshape a company’s demographics and workplace cultures. According to a recent report by, 52 percent of women currently working in tech say that their companies are not prioritizing gender diversity. However, the same percentage of women say the tech industry is making gender diversity a big deal overall. Re-entry into the tech sector was also a major issue according to results. More than 60 percent of women respondents said that taking a break from the industry can be important to an individual’s growth. Another 69 percent said that the tech industry needs to do more to help women re-enter the field and make the process easier. Big tech firms like Amazon, Apple, and Google have recently created initiatives to promote and encourage women in the tech space. Amazon U.K. announced Amazon Women...

Arriana McLymore

Mar 21, 2019

Oracle Accused of Withholding $400M in Wages From Minority Employees

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) has filed a complaint today alleging that software company Oracle has routinely underpaid its Black, Asian and women workers. OFCCP alleges that Oracle’s practices created a total loss of $400 million for minority employees. The agency said in its amended complaint that Oracle relied on prior salaries in setting employees’ pay and put minority workers in lower paying positions throughout the company. OFCCP said the company had been using discriminatory pay practices since at least 2013. OFCCP’s original lawsuit against Oracle was filed in January 2017. The agency has since updated the lawsuit to show more analysis of the company’s compensation practices. The amended suit claims that Oracle “strongly preferred Asian recent college and university graduates than to all others” and it gave preference to visa-holding Asian graduates who depended on the company for authorization to work in the US. The...

Arriana McLymore

Jan 23, 2019

Women Startup Employees Are Seeing a Huge Equity Gap

America’s gender pay gap compensates women 80 cents to the dollar of their male counterparts — but for women working in startups, the equity gap is much worse. According to a study released Monday by Carta , a California-based company that helps startups manage their cap table and valuations, women in tech are 35 percent of equity-holding employees, but hold only 20 percent of employee equity. Carta analyzed nearly 180,000 startup employees at more than 6,000 companies and more than 15,000 founders. It is common for startup employees to accept less pay in exchange for equity, in hopes that they will hit the jackpot when the company gains more success. Carta’s study showed that female equity-holding employees earn about 47 cents to the dollar of males equity-holding employees. “Women are consistently undervalued,” said EnrichHer CEO and Founder Roshawnna Novellus. “We often expect even less [pay] because we want to be included in the story and that perpetuates why there is a...

Arriana McLymore

Sep 19, 2018