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Gentry Humphrey, A 32-Year Jordan Brand Executive, Sets Out To Launch His Own Footwear Line For Young Professionals

Gentry Humphrey wants young professionals to not have to choose between style and business casual attire in their workplaces.

Ngozi Nwanji

May 25, 2023

Meet The Footwear Designer Behind Your Favorite Yeezys Who Is Launching His Own Apparel Brand

For Randall Yarborough, being highly in tune with his surroundings as an adolescent was the foreshadowing of his future career. The footwear designer grew up on the west side of Detroit, MI — off of Joy Road to be exact — and was fascinated by the buildings in the downtown area. While he didn’t know exactly just what architecture was at the time, he knew he wanted to get his hands on it.

Ngozi Nwanji

Mar 10, 2023

DSW Parent Company Invests $2M In America's First Black-Owned Footwear Factory In Partnership With Dr. D'Wayne Edwards

Since fly kicks have been ingrained in the culture forever, it’s only right that there’s an investment into the community known for making shoes pop! With that said, today, Designer Brands has announced that it will invest a total of $2 million “into advancing action-oriented Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.” The parent company of the renowned shoe retailer, DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse will partner with Pensole along with iconic footwear designer, Dr. D’Wayne Edwards, President of Pensole Lewis College of Business and Design (PLC), to bring more inclusivity to the footwear industry per PR Newswire. “The footwear industry needs more diversity. The partnership we are entering into with Designer Brands and DSW is a new business model that truly empowers the consumer to influence the industry toward that goal,” said Dr. Edwards in an official statement. “Together with Pensole, Designer Brands and DSW will provide designers opportunities to offer new products directly to consumers. Along...

Shanique Yates

Feb 16, 2022