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Finding My Way: How 3 T. Rowe Price Employees Define Success

Robert Frost penned a famous poem entitled “The Road Not Taken.” In its opening lines, he wrote, “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, / And sorry I could not travel both.” This sentiment describes the complexity of determining what one would consider the best and correct path for their future. Is it the more popular route marked by traditional pathways and methods for navigating? Or is it the less-common experience that requires more intuition and patience? Previously, the definition of success was based on certain outcomes — particularly in how people navigate their career journey. Today, definitions are more nuanced based on experience and expectations. T. Rowe Price, a global investment firm, understands that creating spaces for continued development and career success is not an act of fate. It takes introspection, dedicated resources and programming to ensure team members feel equipped to tackle their goals. AfroTech had the chance to learn the value of success from three T....

Jul 6, 2022

Team Engagement May Improve the Profitability of Your Startup If You Consider Following These Tips

The days where employees tiptoe on the outside of the inner circle of highly-ranked executives are long gone. Now, as founders, CEOs, and small business owners, let’s stay true to only being as good as our team by actively engaging with our employees. According to Gallup, employee engagement not only increases company morale but also increases productivity and boosts profitability by 21 percent. To began interacting with your employees, follow the tips below: Don’t Hide in Your Office Many CEOs have an open-door policy, but true employee engagement happens when you actually come out of your office. Sometimes an open-door policy is not enough, and in certain situations, it can be counter-intuitive to the CEO and employee’s relationship. According to CBS News , a Cornell University professor actually thinks an open-door policy could deter employees from communicating with higher-ups. Think about it — who would want to knock on the door of the boss who is rarely seen and gives off an...

Dec 6, 2019