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Former White House Advisor Ashley D. Bell And Dr. Bernice A. King Plan To Acquire Utah-Based Bank

A new Black-owned financial institution could emerge west of Texas. The Sacramento Observer reports that the Black-led investment group Redemption Holding Co. (RHC), led by former White House Policy Advisor Ashley D. Bell, wants to acquire Holladay Bank & Trust in Holladay, UT. If planning is approved, the Utah financial institution will be renamed Redemption Bank , per the outlet . What’s more, it would become Black-owned and serve as the only Minority Depository Institution, which offers financial services to underserved populations, west of Texas. As CEO of Black-owned fintech startup Ready Life , Bell helps underserved communities start on the path to homeownership. “All of us require a bank to operate, and the reality was there was no Black-owned bank that we could sit on top of to operate with the way we’re currently constructed,” he told The Sacramento Observer. He continued, “Therefore, we are dependent on other communities and banks to allow us to do that service. So the...

Mar 12, 2024

Dr. Bernice A. King, Ashley D. Bell To Launch Platform That Offers A Path To Homeownership That Excludes Credit Scores From Eligibility Requirements

Homeownership is a primary key to building wealth, but there is an alarming gap between Black homeowners and those who are white. Often, the underrepresented group doesn’t even have a fighting chance to successfully apply for a mortgage due to multiple factors such as little to no credit. To level the playing field for Black people in America, Ashley D. Bell and Dr. Bernice A. King have joined forces in shaking up the traditional mortgage lending industry. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Ashley D. Bell (@ashleydbell)  

Aug 11, 2022